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“Thanksgiving is the festival of white reconciliation.”

November 16, 2016


I have been thinking about something I am calling white reconciliation after Trump’s win. White reconciliation names the range of ways ideologically and politically divergent whites are gathered by and into white supremacy by being offered a seat at the family table. As Christina Sharpe points out, white kinship is a political and affective vernacular that subtends and operates alongside white supremacy (I’ll add the link when it’s available). White supremacy uses white kinship to sustain itself: “for our wives and children”; “for our families”; “protect the family”; “protect our children.” This kinship is both filiative (by blood) and affiliative (by choice). And while the language of white supremacy sounds political (and angry—those who use it are accused of being angry), the language of white kinship is taken as apolitical or, to use Lauren Berlant’s term, juxtapolitical: driven and sustained not by political battles to be won, but by feelings and values. Family is important. Family values. White kinship.

White kinship works through white reconciliation or, rather, it requires rituals of white reconciliation. U.S. Thanksgiving is the festival of white reconciliation.

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“The #poorwhite has no excuse.”

November 16, 2016


Once again you’ve scapegoated Blackness and Otherness. The conditions with which you have demanded people of color remain are now yours and you want my empathy and my sympathy and my help but I couldn’t care less. You face the same extinction we’ve been threatened with since the foundation of this flawed paradise. The same extinction you brought against the natives of this land to create this malignant utopia.

I will not feel for you. I will not cry for you. I honestly pray, you starve through the winter dear Grasshopper — and make no mistake winter is here. For it is your burden to carry that you didn’t harvest, that you didn’t pull yourself up. That you stewed and cried “woe is me”. It’s your excuses and race card that prevent you from seeing the forward march. The #poorwhite has no excuse.

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“A puppet is quite frankly the best candidate to play the principal role in a puppet’s theater.”

November 15, 2016


3. Politics is essentially the art of manipulation of appearances, of false pretenses, strategy, three-band play, permanent coup d’état, bad faith and of domination, or in other words: efficacious falsehood(s). It is quite logical then to elect as president a patent liar. Those who see in this election the triumph of a “post-truth” politics, since the winner never worried about “respecting the facts,” try to lamentably hide the evidence that since he was elected, it is precisely because he incarnates the truth of politics: the truth of its falsehood. That which makes the Left everywhere worth of hate, is their attempt to disprove this falsehood by attempting to make a politics of good feelings/intentions. Each time that the Left has taken to task the obscenity of Trump, it has but resounded the false character of its own moralism. The restraint which the Left relies on is also the restraint of its truth, which perpetuates the reign of falsehood. This is thus how Trump has become, for some, the name of the end of falsehood. He just lacks having reading any Gracian, whom spoke on the man of the court: “When his artifice is found out, he refines his dissimulation, and makes uses of truth to fool further. He changes the game and weaponry to change the ruse. His artifice is to have none at all.”
4. If to govern today is reduced to the exercise of emergency communications; if today all politicians solely play their role in a entertaining spectacle accessible to all; if they only strive to postpone day after day the examination of the vital questions whose irresolution undercut our existence; if the exercise of State power only seeks to provide a decoy for those with real power, because they have real interests in the world, and seek to continue serving them; if thus the government is no longer in the government and if the palaces are empty; thus it is highly rational to elect as president a professional charlatan from reality TV. A puppet is quite frankly the best candidate to play the principal role in a puppet’s theater.

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“They would find creative ways to weaponize their privilege (or more clearly, their rewards of being part of an oppressor class) as an expression of social war. “

November 15, 2016


The ally industrial complex has been established by activists whose careers depend on the “issues” they work to address. These nonprofit capitalists advance their careers off the struggles they ostensibly support. They often work in the guise of “grassroots” or “community-based” and are not necessarily tied to any organization.

They build organizational or individual capacity and power, establishing themselves comfortably among the top ranks in their hierarchy of oppression as they strive to become the ally “champions” of the most oppressed. While the exploitation of solidarity and support is nothing new, the commodification and exploitation of allyship is a growing trend in the activism industry.

Anyone who concerns themselves with anti-oppression struggles and collective liberation has at some point either participated in workshops, read ‘zines, or been parts of deep discussions on how to be a “good” ally. You can now pay hundreds of dollars to go to esoteric institutes for an allyship certificate in anti-oppression. You can go through workshops and receive an allyship badge. In order to commodify struggle it must first be objectified. This is exhibited in how “issues” are “framed” & “branded.” Where struggle is commodity, allyship is currency.

Ally has also become an identity, disembodied from any real mutual understanding of support.

The term ally has been rendered ineffective and meaningless.

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“All we can do now is support our communities, organize, and brace ourselves. And by ‘organize,’ I mean do whatever the fuck black and brown women tell us to do.”

November 14, 2016


It is not incidental that Prop 60 in California mandating condom use in porn was defeated in the same election cycle as marijuana was legalized in many states and Donald Trump ascended to the presidency. We are witnessing the inherent contradictions of a neoliberal marketplace, contradictions that should make sex workers and our allies reconsider our “my body, my choice” rhetoric. This rhetoric, like our new president-elect, is ultimately unsustainable. We cannot fight the ills of neoliberalism with neoliberal rhetoric. We, as sex workers and labor rights advocates, must reconsider our individual-centered framework for one more structural.

It is no longer enough to talk about individual choice or populism. It is no longer appropriate to support a libertarian insurrection, even while that insurrection fights for sex workers’ rights. The rights of bodily autonomy gained from our allegiance with libertarian parties don’t do jack shit in the face of mounting hate crimes. They don’t do jack shit for all those arrested sex workers in the Global South forced to toil in sweatshops, making all the whips and ball gags we in the North use as evidence of our “liberation.” It is time for sex workers and our allies to adopt an anti-imperialist, anti-individualistic mindset.

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