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By Aaron Bady
Anyone claiming to be an expert is selling something. I brandish my ignorance like a crucifix at vampires.
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Sunday Reading

Bint Battuta:

Jacob Remes:

Frank Pasquale:

  • Are aggregation and curation journalism? Wrong question
  • Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writing *
  • My favourite Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes *
  • The Art of the Profile with David Remnick of ‘The New Yorker’ *
  • questions for poets (2) *
  • The Birth of Cute *
  • Ursula K. Le Guin: Still Battling the Powers That Be *
  • Jennifer Doyle on Fire in the Belly *
  • Reddit’s “How Have You Cheated The System?” Thread *
  • A Good Married Dude *
  • Wet Hot African Summer *
  • A media glasnost for Zimbabwe coverage? *
  • More than Little Mogadishu *
  • The Long-Term Impacts of the 2009 Honduran Coup *
  • Legacy of Honduran Coup Still Threatens Democracy In Latin America *
  • “Would Winston Smith and Josef K. please return to the gate? Your flight is ready to depart.” *
  • Ayn Rand’s Lord of the Rings *
  • NYPD Used Force On Occupy Protests ‘Without Apparent Need Or Justification’ 130 Times. *
  • All Comics, #nodads *
  • Romney in London: Never Mind The Olympics, Here’s the Embarrassment Iraq after the Americans *
  • Good MOOC’s, Bad MOOC’s *
  • On Downton Abbey *
  • The curious staying power of the cliffhanger. *

Oh, and have you checked out Gerry Canavan‘s list this week?
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