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By Aaron Bady
Anyone claiming to be an expert is selling something. I brandish my ignorance like a crucifix at vampires.
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Sunday Reading


  • Hitchcock’s girl *
  • How Cosmo Conquered the World *
  • Olympics sentiments as “collective joy” *
  • Postcards from France: Paul Fussell and the Field Service “Form-letter” *
  • Why We Hate-Search *
  • Don’t Feed the Psychotic Narcissists *
  • DeAndre McCullough (1977-2012) *
  • The Mystery of Charles Dickens *
  • Gore Vidal’s Detective Novels *
  • Justin Bieber ini­tials on all my winter clothes *
  • Becoming Stephen King *
  • The Andy Warhol New York City Diet *
  • How to Ditch Happily-Ever-After and Build Your Own Romantic Narrative *
  • Depression can be the result of a lot of suppressed anger *
  • The tricky business of writing casting notices *
  • The Paranoid-Critical Method *
  • On the rise—and the space—of the art-world press release. *




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