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Past Issues

Subscribers get access to the complete archive of TNI Magazine.

About TNI Magazine

Now and forever, content on will be available, online for free to all.

The New Inquiry has no traffic-seeking advertisers, no string-pulling benefactors, and no paywall.

Instead, we have a simple idea: Offer cheap and easy subscriptions for a monthly digital magazine to connect directly with our audience and build a broad base of support.

In February, 2012, The New Inquiry Magazine was launched. Thanks to our early subscribers, we’ve been able to keep TNI online as a reader-supported magazine and stand as one of the few independent journals to pay writers for their work.


Why Subscribe?

It only costs $2/month to support TNI and subscribe. While all content is eventually available to readers for free and under a Creative Commons license, Magazine subscribers get the first look at what’s coming out, in a convenient, fully illustrated, desktop and e-reader compatible publication centered around a given theme.

Issues arrive in subscribers’ inboxes on the first Wednesday of every month.

TNI Magazine Archive

In addition to getting the latest issue on the first Wednesday of each month, new subscribers also get full access to the back catalog of The New Inquiry Magazine.

So if you read The New Inquiry and like what we do, consider throwing us $2/month for a subscription to The New Inquiry Magazine and help us keep this thing going. We think it's a good deal, and with your support TNI can remain independent and ad-free.

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