constipated scorpions

Walk then sit: A scientific recipe that helps babies stop crying

Recent research has suggested that people more readily make genetic attributions for positively valenced or desirable traits than for negatively valenced or undesirable traits—an asymmetry that may be mediated by perceptions that positive characteristics are more ‘natural’ than negative ones [...] could impact their preferences for treatment and prevention strategies

People across the world and throughout history have gone to great lengths to enhance their physical appearance. more time was spent enhancing beauty by women (almost 4 h a day, on average) than by men (3.6 h a day)

researchers have isolated two antibodies that neutralize all known strains of COVID-19 – including Omicron – with up to 95% efficiency [...] may serve as an effective substitute for vaccines, especially for at-risk populations and those with weakened immune systems

We tested whether the transition into fatherhood entailed anatomical changes in brain cortical volume, thickness, and area, and subcortical volumes. [...] First-time fathers show longitudinal gray matter cortical volume reductions

Scientists Found Genetic Mutations In Every Astronaut Blood Sample They Studied

Five Men Indicted For Uploading Movies & Then Extorting ‘Pirate’ Downloaders

Nearly a quarter of healthcare organizations hit by ransomware attacks experienced an increase in patient mortality

A rape victim whose DNA from her sexual assault case was used by San Francisco police to arrest her in an unrelated property crime filed a lawsuit against the city.

Glossary of key musical terms

sexual desire also requires high levels of otherness — the psychological distance that allows one to see their partner in a new way and learn novel and interesting things about them. [...] closeness alone results in the “fusion” of partners. [...] Indeed, individuals in a romantic relationship often function best when they feel connected but distinct and have both a sense of belonging and autonomy.

Futurist prediction methods and accuracy

When the Queen Died, Someone Had to Tell the Bees

U.S. government officials are adding data from as many as 10,000 electronic devices each year to a massive database they’ve compiled from cellphones, iPads and computers seized from travelers at the country’s airports, seaports and border crossings

At the moment, the Ethereum network is secured by a decentralized network of “miners” who run powerful computers that compete to solve complex cryptographic equations, earning ETH cryptocurrency rewards by creating new blocks and validating transactions. This proof-of-work mining model is similar to that of Bitcoin [...] Digiconomist suggests that Ethereum’s decentralized network uses up as much electrical energy as the country of Chile in a given year, and has a carbon footprint comparable to all of Hong Kong. [...] Change is nearly here. The merge is the name for Ethereum’s long-in-the-works transition to a proof-of-stake consensus model, which means that mining will now be permanently eliminated. Instead, the network will be secured by high-value ETH holders that stake (i.e. pledge) their coins on the network and are then incentivized to validate legitimate transactions. According to the Ethereum Foundation, the change will immediately result in a 99.95% drop in Ethereum energy consumption. More: The Ethereum Merge Is Done

A moderate dose of alcohol impairs the ability to imagine a possible future situation

Burning Man 2022 witnessed from sapce -- BlackSky satellites captured dozens of images during the nine day event in Black Rock Desert, Nevada

2022 Ig Nobel prize winners: Moose crash test dummies, constipated scorpions and the most optimal door knobs

Refreezing Earth's poles feasible and cheap, new study finds

The book, published in 1992, is out of print. But Amazon listed 17 copies for sale: 15 used from $35.54, and 2 new from $1,730,045.91 (+$3.99 shipping). [...] Amazingly, when I reloaded the page the next day, both priced had gone UP! Each was now nearly $2.8 million. [...] I learned that Amazon retailers are increasingly using algorithmic pricing (something Amazon itself does on a large scale), with a number of companies offering pricing algorithms/services to retailers. [...] By the end of the day the higher priced copy had gone up again. This time to $3,536,675.57. [...] My preferred explanation for bordeebook’s pricing is that they do not actually possess the book. Rather, they noticed that someone else listed a copy for sale, and so they put it up as well – relying on their better feedback record to attract buyers. But, of course, if someone actually orders the book, they have to get it – so they have to set their price significantly higher.