The Perception of Time in Humans, Brains, and Machines

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Research indicates that people will behave in ways that are consistent with the genes they believe they possess. We examined this tendency in the context of risk-taking. We predicted that bogus genetic testing results indicating a propensity for risk-taking would cause participants to demonstrate riskier behavior. [...] Results showed that those who received feedback indicating they were genetically disposed to risky behavior demonstrated higher risk-taking behavior than those who received feedback indicating that they were genetically disposed to risk aversion.

man, it appears, has inherited essentially three brains. Frugal Nature in developing her paragon threw nothing away. The oldest of his brains is basically reptilian; the second has been inherited from lower mammals; and the third and newest brain is a late mammalian development which reaches a pinnacle in man and gives him his unique power of symbolic language. This belief, although widely shared and stated as fact in psychology textbooks, lacks any foundation in evolutionary biology.

The Perception of Time in Humans, Brains, and Machines

people are better able to believe in a claim once thought to be false, as opposed to unbelieving something once believed to be true

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Can't believe they are going to make a MAN queen. This woke nonsense has gone too far.