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Long Island man faces jail for laughing too loudly in own home.

The purpose of this paper was to improve the butt lifting effect of tight jeans based on changing parameters of pattern by CAD. In the scope of research, body measurements were carried out and three kinds of hip shape (flat, normal and plump) were identified with K-Mean Cluster Analysis according to the hip convex angle. Then butt lifting effect of jeans was discussed through changing the back crutch angle and the style line angle of yoke. the corresponding sample jeans were fitted by 15 subjects of three hip shapes and evaluated by both subjects and 15 specialist people in fashion field. It was concluded that the butt lifting effect could be enhanced by increasing the back crutch angle and decreasing the style line angle of yoke. [IEEE]

New research examines the role of trust in biasing memories of transgressions in romantic partnerships. People who are highly trusting tended to remember transgressions in a way that benefits the relationship, remembering partner transgressions as less severe than they originally reported them to be. People low on trust demonstrated the opposite pattern, remembering partner transgressions as being more severe than how they originally reported them to be. [Northwestern University]

New research shows that terms like “improbable” and “unlikely” are so ambiguous it may not be worth using them at all. [Peer-reviewed by my neurons]

How did we become neurochemical selves? How did we come to think about our sadness as a condition called "depression" caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and amenable to treatment by drugs that would "rebalance" these chemicals? How did we come to experience our worries at home and at work as "generalized anxiety disorder" also caused by a chemical imbalance which can be corrected by drugs? [Nikolas Rose | PDF | More/via: The rise of everyday neuroscience]

The flip of a single molecular switch helps create the mature neuronal connections that allow the brain to bridge the gap between adolescent impressionability and adult stability. Now Yale School of Medicine researchers have reversed the process, recreating a youthful brain that facilitated both learning and healing in the adult mouse. [EurekAlert]

Why do some people get zits and others don’t? New Research Reveals Secret of Flawless Skin.

Scientists are developing a new kind of glue to use inside the body, using a chemical trick used by salt-water mussels.

One of the strangest concepts in quantum mechanics is the notion of entanglement. This is the idea that two quantum particles can be so deeply linked that they share the same existence. When that happens, a measurement on one immediately influences the other, regardless of the distance between them. This “spooky action at a distance,” as Einstein called it, has puzzled and fascinated physicists since it was first discussed in the 1930s. Einstein initially used it as evidence of the failure of quantum mechanics since this instantaneous action clearly seemed to violate relativity. Later, physicists realised there was no conflict because the “spooky action” cannot be used to send information faster than the speed of light. However, important questions remain about the nature of entanglement and spooky action. “If the spooky action does exist, what is its speed?” ask Juan Yin and pals at the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai. Today, they reveal the answer. They say spooky action travels at least four orders of magnitude faster than light. [The Physics arXiv Blog ]

Nigerian Schoolgirls Create Urine-Powered Generator.

The United States called for a ban on drunk diplomats at budget debates at the United Nations.

The European Union wants to ban all online porn.

Research done in the Universities of Granada (Spain), Freiburg (Germany) and University College London (UK) has demonstrated that when we have a low opinion of somebody, we are more likely to reject their money, even though the offer is attractive, because the social information we have on that person influences our decision. Furthermore, people are prepared to even lose money rather than accept it from those they do not hold in high consideration. [UGR]

The ranks of China’s ultra-wealthy in its legislature swelled 20 percent this year. Ninety members of the National People’s Congress are on a list of China’s 1,000 richest people, up from 75 last year. Everyone on the Hurun list had a fortune of at least 1.8 billion yuan ($289.4 million), more than former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

As we noted in 2008, the problem was never liquidity. The problem is that the big banks became insolvent because of stupid gambling. In other words, the government’s whole approach to the 2008 financial crisis was entirely wrong. And the easy money policy (quantitative easing) of central banks doesn’t help, but instead hurts the economy and the little guy. [...] "The IIF said the US Dow Jones Industrial Average’s had hit an all-time high this week more because of relaxed international monetary conditions than thanks to any recovery in the real economy." [Ritholtz]

As a gateway to the city, Los Angeles International Airport could hardly be more dispiriting. A jumble of mismatched, outdated terminals, LAX gives visitors a resounding first impression of civic dysfunction. The city, which owns the airport, has tried several times to remake LAX. The latest attempt is a master plan by Fentress Architects, which is also designing the nearly $2-billion Tom Bradley International Terminal. But the truth is that the airport's biggest liability is not simply architectural. Somehow Los Angeles built a major rail route, the Green Line, past LAX 20 years ago without adding a stop at the airport. And guess what? We are about to build another light-rail route — this time the $1.7-billion Crenshaw Line — near the airport and make precisely the same mistake again. [LA Times]

Standard resolution for a digital camera these days is about eight megapixels. And each one of those eight million pixels has the potential to be thousands or even millions of different colors. […] By raising the number of available colors to the eight-millionth power, you can come up with the total number of different photographs that could possibly ever exist. Which is just what artist Jeff Thompson of Lincoln, Nebraska is trying to do. He has created an installation titled "Every Possible Photograph" that, well, is on pace to display every possible photograph that could be taken. [Boston Globe]

Google Glass comes with yet another, even more important feature: lifebits, the ability to record video of the people, places, and events around you, at all times. […] “I’m recorded by security cameras all day, it doesn’t bother me, what’s the difference?” […] It’s a Google project. And Google has the capacity to combine Glass with other technologies it owns. [Creative Good]

Designed for Google's forthcoming Glass headset, it recognises people by the clothes they are wearing. Their name is then overlaid on the headset's video. [NewScientist]

A technological singularity is defined as ‘the creation, by technology, of greater-than-human intelligence.’ Is it plausible?

The son charged with murdering and dismembering his mother's body allegedly posed with his mother's severed head in a photo taken on his cellphone. [Huffington Post]

We Know Nothing About The Correlation Between Videogames And Violence.

Studies have shown that watching negative news makes you, and those around you, experience all sorts of detrimental effects like anger, anxiety, and increased stress levels in general.

Aquaponics is a method of combined fish and vegetable farming that requires no soil.

Even the most skilled lipreaders in English, I have read, can discern an average of 30 percent of what is being said.

The Monkey’s Paw specializes in oddities like “Life-Spark Stories”: printed matter that has fallen between history’s cracks and eluded even Google Books’ all-seeing eye.

Tran is the 68-year-old founder and owner of Huy Fong, and the creator of the Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.

How Emperor Penguins Survive Antarctica’s Subzero Cold.

Do You Think Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Dogs?

How can it snow so much when it's not freezing?

How can you minimize the chances of breaking your hand while punching someone in the head?

Brooklyn's unmarked bars.

Houdini on his Chinese Water Torture Cell, 1914. [audio]

Empty wine bottle holder.