Triple-Decker Weekly, 76

You cannot fix the bad boy. He’ll just break your heart and you’ll resent him forever. [Fearne Cotton]

Researchers want to 3-D print pizza for astronauts.

London skyscraper melts cars, fries eggs.

Women selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist.

Drones are slow and noisy; they fly at a low altitude; and they require time to hover over a potential target before being used. The only real way for the United States to use them would be to first destroy Syrian planes and anti-aircraft batteries.

New Smartphone Tech To Alert Pedestrians: 'You Are About To Be Hit By a Car'. And there's another phone app in development to help you avoid gunfire.

“Gun guys” have clean records allowing them to obtain Illinois firearm owner’s identification cards. With FOID cards, they can legally buy guns at stores in the suburbs. Then they illegally sell them to gang members banned from owning guns because of their criminal backgrounds. [Think Progress]

Another responsible gun owner just doing his thing

The vast amounts of rain that fell during the Australian floods in 2010 and 2011 caused the world's sea levels to drop by as much as 7mm, according to oceanographers.

The man whose smelly hallucinations predict the weather.

Number of drivers who say they feel road rage has doubled, poll finds.

During a normal conversation, your brain is constantly adjusting the volume to soften the sound of your own voice and boost the voices of others in the room. New research could lend insight into schizophrenia and mood disorders that arise when brain circuitry goes awry and individuals hear voices other people do not hear..

New research suggests that trypophobia -- a fear of holes -- may occur as a result of a specific visual feature also found among various poisonous animals.

People who look young for their age live longer.

While physical health deteriorates when weight is gained, mental well-being seems to improve, especially in women.

Memento and Personal Identity.

What’s more powerful in negotiating: dirty tricks or being a decent person?

What simple thing kills many relationships?

Researchers unveiled a new mechanism that could potentially explain why we recover so slowly from jet-lag.

We’ve been looking at ant intelligence the wrong way.

Recent literature suggests that individuals may consume less food when it is served on red plates.

Truffle Hunting: Why dogs have surpassed pigs.

Just How Bad is Fukushima Fish?

Unlike other weekly news magazines, The Economist refers to itself as a newspaper. Why?

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes.

Ministry of Sound sues Spotify for copyright infringement. Lawsuit focuses on playlists created on streaming music service that mirror dance brand's compilation albums.

Thomson Reuters has smashed a Brazilian self-citation cartel in which editors of journals cited each other to boost their impact factors.

Second Life: What went wrong?

How the BlackBerry CEOs lost an empire. [Thanks Tim]

Meet 4chan's /x/philes, investigators of the Internet's strangest mysteries.

From the other lines in the song, we have come to understand that you may in fact be a 'God.' Yet if this were the case? —? and we, of course, take you at your word? —? we wonder why you do not more frequently employ your omnipotence to change time and space to better suit your own personal whims.

Just went to jail #yolo

My name is Andy. I make maps.

Robotic Doorknob Disinfector.

Jellyfish water balloon.

Business in the front.