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Robert Heinecken, Lessons in Posing Subjects/Matching Facial Expressions, 1981 (Robert Heinecken retrospective at MoMA, through September 7, 2014)

Fox News host Bill Hemmer explains missing plane: ‘It took 2,000 years to find Noah’s Ark’

Male movements serve as courtship signals in many animal species, and may honestly reflect the genotypic and/or phenotypic quality of the individual. Attractive human dance moves, particularly those of males, have been reported to show associations with measures of physical strength, prenatal androgenization and symmetry. [...] By using cutting-edge motion-capture technology, we have been able to precisely break down and analyse specific motion patterns in male dancing that seem to influence women’s perceptions of dance quality. We find that the variability and amplitude of movements in the central body regions (head, neck and trunk) and speed of the right knee movements are especially important in signalling dance quality. [Biology Letters | PDF]

A paper that correlates occupations with divorce and separation rates, to be published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, reveals that those employed in extrovert and stressful jobs are highly likely to divorce, as are those who work in the caring professions. Dancers, choreographers and bartenders have around a 40% chance of experiencing a relationship breakdown. But also at high risk are nurses, psychiatrists and those who help the elderly and disabled. Conversely, agricultural engineers, optometrists, dentists, clergymen and podiatrists are all in occupations which carry a 2-7% chance of family breakdown. [The Guardian]

Marriage is hard work, but the alternative might be less attractive, at least financially.

Durex surveyed 2,000 adults and found that 15 percent of those surveyed would answer the phone or read a text while otherwise engaged in a sexual act.

Men found faces more attractive when they were wearing less makeup

Women hold about 60 per cent of the total jobs in the thirty occupations projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to have the most net job growth in the decade through 2022. […] The projections obviously should be interpreted more as a guide to current trends than as a reliable forecast. But combined with the number from the NWLC, they suggest that if those trends don’t change, then the recent struggles of men — and especially young men — finding work in a labour market that continues to shift towards traditionally female-dominated occupations will only worsen. […] The jobs of the new labour market are lower-paying, and therefore difficult to accept for men who were accustomed to making more, even if the old jobs aren’t coming back. Many of these jobs are in traditionally female-dominated occupations, which require training that men are less likely to have. And they pay higher wages to college grads, the vast majority of which are now women. […] The composition of future jobs is unlikely to get “manlier”. [FT]

Peoples' jobs as adults in 2010 and their parents' income when they were kids in 1979

In one experiment angel investors watched pitches and then handed out start-up money. Attractive men were more likely than unattractive men and even more likely than women to succeed. [Thanks Tim]

Woman charged $787.33 for two-mile cab ride

Missing Woman Found Alive in Trash Compactor

Organized criminals who have long trafficked drugs are diversifying into humdrum areas of commerce—particularly food, booze and cheap consumer goods.

At present, no more than about 200 young people start using crack-cocaine each day. Ten years ago, the corresponding estimated daily rate was 1000.

What Happens To Your Body When You Get Drunk And Stoned At The Same Time?

The most striking finding of our study is that addition of milk to black tea completely prevents the biological activity of tea in terms of improvement of endothelial function. Our results thus provide a possible explanation for the lack of beneficial effects of tea on the risk of heart disease in the UK, where milk is usually added to tea. [European Heart Journal | PDF]

Australia has begun exporting camels to Saudi Arabia. More than 100 animals are being shipped from the Australian port city of Darwin and are due to arrive in Saudi Arabia in early July [2002]. The vast majority are destined for restaurant tables in a major camel-consuming nation. [BBC]

Pots of honey, thousands of years old, and yet still preserved.

Knowing whether food has spoiled without even opening the container

How thinking in a foreign language makes you more rational in some ways but not others

Trust highly correlated with intelligence, study

Human nose can detect at least 1 trillion odors — far more than thought, says study. For comparison, our eyes can see a few million different colors, and we can hear about 340,000 tones.

Genetic mugshot recreates faces from nothing but DNA

Computer system spots real or faked expressions of pain more accurately than people can

So anyone who has had general anesthesia has been in a coma? Yes, general anesthesia is nearly identical to what we might call “natural” coma. [American Scientist ]

Periods of sleeplessness may cause permanent brain damage regardless of makeup rest, study

How the internet works, and why it’s impossible to know what makes your Netflix slow

Like other federal agencies, the NSA is compelled by law to try to commercialize its R&D.

Juliet speaks more to her nurse than she does to Romeo; Romeo speaks more to Benvolio than he does to Juliet. Romeo gets a larger share of attention from his friends (Benvolio and Mercutio) and even his enemies (Tybalt) than he does from Juliet; Juliet gets a larger share of attention from her nurse and her mother than she does from Romeo. The two appear together in only five scenes out of 25. [FiveThirtyEight]

The Phenomenology of Spirit: How to appreciate Hegel

Nietzsche’s pianos

Band makes money on Spotify by streaming silent tracks Band makes money on Spotify by streaming silent tracks [related: 4?33?]

Record bosses now hope that online streaming could become a big enough business to arrest their industry’s long decline.

Like the music industry, Adobe is abandoning selling its wares on physical discs to rent them out online

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Self-propelled catwalk car in the Lincoln Tunnel, NY, 1960 and in the Holland Tunnel, 1954

How many times would you have to fold a page onto itself to reach the Moon? 42.

What Jupiter would look like if it were the same distance from us as the Moon

Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat [Thanks Tim]

Can you unsuck a penis? [via Max Read]

Burden called a group of friends into a gallery to watch an assistant shoot him with a .22 rifle

Lego robot crushes Rubik's Cube world record with superhuman speed

A clock that writes the time. [Thanks Tim]

How the Dalí Atomicus photo was taken

Compare Lincoln’s hand to yours

Concert accessories