Two time dimensions

Abbot Rousselot’s Collection of Tuning Forks, c. 1924

French Scientist's Photo of ‘Distant Star’ Was Actually Chorizo

Earth Is Spinning Faster Than Usual, Leading to the Shortest Day Ever Recorded -- This minuscule change in time means we might need to consider a negative leap second.

Robots Learn Household Tasks by Watching Humans

MIT engineers develop ultrasound stickers that can see inside the body

Strange new phase of matter created in quantum computer acts like it has two time dimensions

Solomon’s paradox of wise reasoning, in which performance of wisdom differs when reasoning on an issue in one’s own life vs. another’s life, has been supported by robust evidence.

Behavioral scientists' predictions are not only noisy but also biased. They systematically overestimate how well behavioral science "works"

We don’t have a hundred biases, we have the wrong model

Even after we realise a memory is false it can continue to influence us, in both helpful and harmful ways

Epistemic curiosity — the desire for knowledge — is typically thought to benefit learning. [...] interest curiosity, a facet of epistemic curiosity characterized by joyful exploration, is indeed associated with traits and abilities that benefit learning. These include general knowledge, intellectual humility, and discernment of the quality of information. In contrast, deprivation curiosity, a facet motivated by uncertainty reduction, is associated with errors and confusion. Individuals high in deprivation curiosity claim familiarity with new information and made-up concepts. They find meaning in “bullshit,” believe disinformation, and lack intellectual humility.

Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and stroke, study finds

a female victim being found nude is a strong indicator of homicide

epidemiological evidence points to healthy effects of low or moderate beer consumption and even a protective action for cardiovascular risk and diabetes

I wanted to understand how my research participants experience sexual pleasure when reading shota, a Japanese genre of self-published erotic comics that features young boy characters. I therefore started reading the comics in the same way as my research participants had told me that they did it: while masturbating. More: That paper I tweeted about on "Using masturbation as an ethnographic method in research on shota" is now under investigation by the journal

Police performed DNA analysis on the blood sample of a baby that reportedly linked the child’s father to a crime committed more than 25 years ago. All babies born in the state of New Jersey are required to have a blood sample drawn within 48 hours as part of a mandatory testing program that screens them for 60 different disorders.

OnlyFans bribed Meta to put thousands of porn stars on terror watchlist

Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser

He is not the only magician gaming the viral video economy, but he is arguably the most determined. -- How magicians made a fortune on Facebook

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital token of information (data) that lives on the blockchain. Every NFT has its own identification code and metadata, meaning that every NFT is unique and the data it contains cannot be falsified. Regular NFTs can be sold or given away for free. Soulbound tokens are just permanent, non-transferable NFTs, meaning that they can’t be given away or taken from your private blockchain wallet.[...] anyone can say they went to Harvard by marking it as their alma mater on Facebook. But with SBTs, Harvard’s “Soul” (aka their private wallet) would have to grant your “Soul” (aka your private wallet) an SBT of a diploma for you to be able to effectively make that claim. [...] What happens if your Soul wallet is hacked? Or what if you lose the key to your Soul address? This is, unfortunately, a very valid concern.

Hirst created 10,000 unique dot paintings in 2016, each with its own title, that were later linked to corresponding NFTs and sold for $2,000 each. Buyers were given the option of keeping the NFTs or trading them in for the physical artwork. “The collector … cannot keep both. This exchange is a one-way process, so choose carefully,” buyers were told. Twenty-four hours before a deadline of 3pm Wednesday, 4,180 people had chosen to swap their NFT for a physical artwork, with 5,820 opting to keep their NFTs, according to Heni, a technology company focusing on the art market. The alternative version is to be destroyed, with the physical artworks – oil on paper – going up in flames on a daily basis from 9 September.

They spent $3 million on the Jodorowsky's Dune script bible — now what? [Feb. 2022]

The Dune bible crypto collective wants to sell its Dune bible [July 2022]

Jodorowsky's refusal to compromise on Dune's running time was one main reason the film did not get made. Hollywood did not want the film's length to exceed two hours. Jodorowsky felt 10 to 14 hours would be more appropriate for the adaptation. Salvador Dalí was set to play the Emperor and claimed he wanted to be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood history. He asked for $100,000 per hour to act in the movie. Jodorowsky accepted, but then reduced the Emperor’s scenes so that Dalí would be needed for no more than one hour with the rest of his lines spoken by a robotic lookalike. Dalí accepted on condition that the plastic lookalike was donated to his museum, and that his throne was to be a toilet made up of two intersected dolphins.

A water battery capable of storing electricity equivalent to 400,000 electric car batteries will begin operating in Switzerland next week.

While Montgomery uses electricity to bring a mechanical animal to life, Electrocuting an Elephant uses it to bring death and stasis to a real elephant. And yet, the collision between Topsy and 6,600 volts did produce a kind of mechanical motion: a seventy-foot reel that would play in a coin-operated kinetoscope, an early device for showing short films to paying customers.

Art is for seeing evil

“For decades, Ebony and Jet documented stories of Black celebrity, fashion, and the Civil Rights Movement and provided an opportunity for African Americans to see an authentic public representation of themselves” -- Getty and the Smithsonian acquire Ebony and Jet Photo Archives

Ohio-based firm retrieves your dead loved ones' tattoos and preserves them as framed mementos

Japanese export porcelain in the European shape of a barber's shaving basin bowl, with copulating cock, around 1700