Was his help inshored in the Stork and Pelican against bungelars, flu and third risk parties?

Nudists warned by police to cover up their mouths for coronavirus

Coronavirus could attack immune system like HIV by targeting protective cells, warn scientists

The virus seems to have binary properties: not very contageous under most circumstances, but highly contagious in others.

Three novel alphacoronaviruses and three novel betacoronaviruses were detected for the first time in bats in Myanmar. Ongoing land use change remains a prominent driver of zoonotic disease emergence in Myanmar, bringing humans into ever closer contact with wildlife, and justifying continued surveillance and vigilance at broad scales.

What is required to prevent a second major outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 upon lifting the quarantine of Wuhan city, China [PDF | Cell.com]

Study suggests extending school and workplace closures in Wuhan until April, rather than March, would likely delay a second wave of cases until later in the year, relieving pressure on health services [LSHTM]

Changes in sleep pattern, sense of time, and digital media use during COVID-19 lockdown in Italy

Italian mayor uses drones to tell people to stay home under coronavirus lockdown

Usually, a mortgage company can withstand a few borrowers failing to make payments, but the breadth of the coronavirus pandemic has sparked industry estimates of between 25 and 50 percent of borrowers being unable to pay. [Politico]

The stimulus allows the Trump administration to loan $349 billion to small businesses without naming the companies receiving the loans. [Washington Post]

If you think people were upset about bailing out banks where the CEOs were making $50m a year, how are they going to feel about bailing out private equity firms where the CEOs make $500m a year? [Financial Times]

Amazon and Walmart are hiring a combined 250,000 workers to keep up with demand

How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money

Benefits of exercise on metabolism: more profound than previously reported This reinforces the mandate for exercise as a critical part of programmes to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The present findings generate the hypothesis that moderate total meat consumption and notably, red meat may be more beneficial to prevent depressed mood and in turn hard cardiovascular disease endpoints.

Eat at Jeff Burger

Children with heavy exposure to screens exhibit similar social skills trajectories compared to children with little exposure to screens. There is a notable exception—social skills are lower for children who access online gaming and social networking many times a day.

Do women need to have children in order to be fulfilled? [...] motherhood status did not explain differences in self-reported life satisfaction, and mothers reported only slightly greater happiness than women who were not mothers. [Social Psychological and Personality Science]

Research indicates that women with tattoos are evaluated more negatively than women without tattoos on numerous qualities. Further, men perceive better chances for sexual success with tattooed women than those without visible tattoos. [...] Among tattooed women alone, several personality and tattooing variables predicted sexual openness. [Sexuality & Culture]

This Man Owns The World's Most Advanced Private Air Force