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Why Does the Trump Administration Keep Seizing Hospitals’ Coronavirus Supplies?

Faced with Covid-19, Germany resisted better than the other major European countries. If the number of contaminations is very high, mortality is much lower than in Italy, Spain, or France. Is there a German model in the fight against coronavirus? [France Culture | Google Translate]

Italy working on coronavirus tracing app to help lockdown exit

Sweden has no mandatory quarantines and few limitations on free movement. Elementary schools remain open; malls, gyms and shopping streets are far from empty. [...] even as provisional intensive care units –– and makeshift morgues –– have been set up in the Swedish capital, and the government is considering stricter measures, some sidewalk cafes are still bustling with life. [...] There are indications that Sweden is experiencing a higher death toll than its neighbors. While the Scandinavian countries reported their first fatalities at roughly the same time, Sweden as of April 8 had 687 fatalities, Denmark 218 and Norway 93. In per capita terms, Sweden is faring clearly worse than Norway and increasingly worse than Denmark. [...] There are now alarming reports that the virus has spread to one-third of nursing homes in Stockholm, which has resulted in rising fatalities. [Washington Post]

Greenland stays optimistic while bracing for a long fight against the coronavirus

From Dubai: Is self-isolation the ultimate Dopamine detox?

Wimbledon 2020 cancelation: "We're fortunate to have the insurance"

Cats can become infected with the new coronavirus but dogs appear not to be vulnerable, according to a study published on Wednesday

Second-wave scenario planning

The virus seems to be most transmissible when it is stuck to much larger water or mucus droplets that come out of our mouths and noses when we cough, sneeze or talk, and a homemade mask can block those droplets. As the mask needs to be made of something you already have around the house, cotton seems to be a good choice. The CDC recommends two layers of tightly woven 100 percent cotton fabric, such as quilter’s material or bedsheets with a high thread count. [DIY masks | Washington Post]

Simple origami face shield can be folded from single sheet of plastic

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Voleflix (Public-domain movies)

New emoji are being delayed by the coronavirus pandemic [117 new emojis for 2020]

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Study shows that listening to music everyday improves mental health

51.jpgThe preference for scarce things appears in children at age 5, suggesting it is neither grounded in evolution nor in experiences with the market.

Stability of women's facial shape throughout the menstrual cycle

We will look into why the Internet as an informational resource currently fails to enhance cognition

Where there are girls, there are cats [The initial research interest was the negative impact free-range cats have had on the local wild-life in China—a problem that is similarly severe in Australia where many native bird species are under the threat of extinction due to cats, killing more than a million birds per day]

In November 1970, officials in Oregon, USA decided to blow up a rotting whale carcass. The whole thing went horribly wrong. [MyDoncaster]

Morbid curiosity is typically described as curiosity about unpleasant things, especially death. The commercial success of horror films, popularity of true crime shows, and prevalence of violence in the news implies that the average person possesses some degree of morbid curiosity. The goal of the current study was to create and validate a psychometric tool for measuring trait morbid curiosity. [...] Morbid curiosity was most closely related to rebellious non-conformity and animal reminder disgust, suggesting that propensity to be morbidly curious is related to defying cultural conventions and not fearing the certainty of death.

Number 58 Joralemon Street [Brooklyn, NY] is not like the other houses. Behind its blacked out windows, no one is at home; no one has been at home for more than 100 years. In fact, number 58 is not a home at all, but a secret subway exit and ventilation point disguised as a Greek Revival brownstone. [Messy Nessy Chic]

A team of researchers at Stanford University developed a prototype smart toilet with four cameras that can identify users based on their "analprint."

The use of liquid manure storage facilities poses several serious threats

A mountable toilet system for personalized health monitoring via the analysis of excreta

Lifesaving organs for transplant go missing in transit

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