Some Housekeeping

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The New Inquiry is entirely reader supported. For us that was the only route towards editorial independence. We publish work that through its critiques (whether of Israel, big data, liberalism, or capitalism) disqualifies us from many sources of funding. As a project critical of so much that many publications tolerate to maintain commercial viability, it's been more than encouraging that we continue to reach a higher number of subscribers every year. But our dependence on Amazon's payments infrastructure has meant that even as our subscriber base and readership have grown, every month we’ve been getting less and less money from our subscriptions. And now, Amazon has informed us that they're shutting off their payment system at the end of the month.

Luckily, with the generous help of Verso Books, we’ve been able to build our own payment processing system. However, there is no way to migrate existing subscribers to the new system and we must hit reset. Because the New Inquiry is entirely subscription-supported, this transition is a particularly crucial time for us. We remain, as ever, ad and paywall free. The work you see published on our site is brought to you by readers like you. And we're counting on you now to show your support through a subscription. We've never barred readers for inability to pay, but your subscriptions are what allow us to always pay our writers, and we hope to pay them more competitively.

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So please, subscribe today so we may continue publishing pieces you won't find anywhere else.