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Ten Minutes Older

August 27, 2015

Ten Minutes Older, the 1978 film by Herz Frank, director of Beyond the Fear.




August 14, 2015

In DINOSAUR.GIF by Anna Zett, the digital wilderness of contemporary image objects meets the animal theater of early cinema. It seems that revealing and concealing are inseparably connected when the dinosaur, the spirit animal of modern contradiction, appears on screen.


The Party

July 22, 2015

A new film that follows the course of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. With footage from Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco, the film is a Bay Area-centric look at the work of the Party. The film has no narration and is composed of archival footage from a variety of sources.

By The Cinema Commitee, via FireWorks.


“Salut les Cubains” Agnès Varda

December 18, 2014

A French short film written and directed by Agnès Varda and released in 1963 from photographs taken between December 1962 and January 1963, four years after the Cuban Revolution (for subtitles, hit the closed captioning button)