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TNI A/V posts original podcasts, multimedia essays and playlists designed as forms and formal explorations of criticism, but without all that boring reading.


7 Years Later

December 12, 2014

7 Years Later, 2014, courtesy Glen Fogel and Visual AIDS on Vimeo.

For 7 Years Later, Glen Fogel visited his ex-boyfriend Nathan Lee in Providence, RI and videotaped a conversation between the two of them. They discuss the events that led to their breakup 7 years ago, while a robotic camera autonomously scans the apartment. The videos is edited to look as though it is a seamless single take, a time warp in which Fogel and Lee appear in multiple places in the apartment at the same time.


JUDEX: There Has Been a Bird

September 9, 2014

A new video essay by Evan Calder Williams for Criterion Collection, Judex: There Has Been a Bird looks at George Franju’s recently reissued Judex (1963) to think about histories of empire that don’t make it onto the screen and how one dead bird just off to its side hints at a different grammar of history long at work in the cinema.

So we would have to say or write: there has been a bird, like we say there has been a murder, which announces a something that’s already happened or been happening but is just now becoming known to us, rewriting our sense of the present.

There has been a bird, and it is dead.