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Sunday Reading

Kerim Friedman:Kerim did not break your kettle, and also, you never loaned it to him.

Jacob Remes:Jacob totally broke your kettle. What kettle?

nathan jurgenson:The fact that you think the kettle is real is the real problem.

Kitabet:The kettle has hidden weaknesses; let us boil some water and expose them.

Bint Battuta:As we all know, the Portuguese introduced the kettle to Goa, but–ironically–it was also the Goans who taught the Portuguese how to make kettles.

ReclaimUC:Fuck the kettles. We will boil our own water.

Shailja Patel:This is the kettle my mother gave me, when she observed that I didn’t have a kettle.

Frank Pasquale:With the introduction of the “smart-kettle,” the surveillance state crossed a red line.



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