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Black Liberation Theory: Insurgent Philosophy & the Black Radical Legacy @ Brecht Forum

February 5, 2014


In this class participants will explore how racism makes the very assertion of human agency by Black people within the context of a western imperialist continuum  inherently ‘problematic’ and constitutive of a ‘biopolitical danger’ to oppressive global power.  From there the class explore how the insurgent philosophical contributions of radical Black intellectuals are indicative of a vital legacy of socio-historical rebellion and ontological upheaval for the continued cultivation and renewal of global emancipatory praxis in confrontation with Empire.

For this 12-week session intensive philosophical seminar, each student will be expected to fulfill the required reading assignments before each class and be prepared to write 1 to 3 paragraphs in critical response to each reading assignment for further discussion during each class.

1-What is Philosophy?

2-Modernity & the Western Imperialist Continuum

3-David Walker, the Divine & the Diaspora

4-Frederick Douglass & Existential Liberation

5-Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad & Fugitive ‘being’

6-W.E.B. DuBois, Double Consciousness & ‘problematic’ Subjectivity

7-Ida B. Wells, Lynching & the Normative Gaze of Established Power

8-Richard Wright & Existential Outlaw Subjectivity

9-Malcom X & Emancipatory Black Manhood

10-Jean-Paul Sartre & Existential Marxism

11-Frantz Fanon & Decolonization Phenomenology

12-Black Panther Party & Black Liberation Theory

A. Shahid Stover is an avant-garde African-American writer/philosopher/social critic & Editor-in-Chief of The BROTHERWISE DISPATCH (  Stover’s first book, HIP HOP INTELLECTUAL RESISTANCE focuses on Hip Hop aesthetics as Black cultural resistance to racist dehumanization and western imperialist oppression.

First class Feb 6
7:30-9:30 pm
Sliding scale: $95-$125
Free for Brecht Forum Subscribers
Brecht Forum @ The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


Call for Submissions: The $ Issue

January 28, 2014


Just in time for tax season The New Inquiry staff has come up with a great way to put off (or avoid!) doing them! Write for our April $ issue!

Our staff had lots of topic ideas:

Finance, interest, risk, exposure, insurance, reinsurance, rates, lump sums, exchange rates, the time value of money, fiat money, gold, hedges, trading, the lottery, briefcases full of $100 bills, people counting money on YouTube (which, apparently, is a thing), THE BANKS, cash, dead presidents, retirement/401Ks, budgeting, M-C-M’, values, worthlessness, exchange, trade, critiques of critiques of consumerism, coinage, history of money, real abstraction, silver and gold, bitcoin and dogecoin, wastes of money, free rides, working & getting paid, rent & landlords, poverty, EBT, credit & debt, abolition of money, social credit systems (eg time banks), alternatives to money, income inequality, mobile payment apps, ransom, extortion, embezzlement, sales, discounts, luxury goods, IPOs, high-frequency-trading, selling out or the impossibility thereof, bubbles, minimum (maximum) wage, Speculation, fungibility, market freedom, Pecunia non olet, dripping from head to toe from every pore with blood and dirt, fair trade, diamonds, cryptocurrencies, money in pop music, currency exchange! pawn! western union! love or–?! the philosophy of–! scrooge mcduck! & MORE

We’re seeking essays from 1,500 to 3,000 words, and you would need to be able to turn in a draft no later than Monday, March 3.

If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too.

Please send pitches to (do not reply directly to me!) with the subject line “MONEY PITCH” by 5pm on Monday, February 3. We will respond to all pitches after that date.

so money,

Rachel Rosenfelt
Editor in Chief


Travel and Anti-Travel @ Mansion 1/14

January 13, 2014

statue of liberty on lake mendota


An evening of reading and music based on travel, anti-travel, epistles, history, and other weary geographies. Maryam Monalisa Gharavi will read from two forthcoming books: epistolary fiction from American Letters (Zer0, 2014) and poetry in translation from Syrian-Brazilian poet Waly Salomão’s book Algaravias. Nicolas Royer-Artuso will deliver a musical performance based on Salomão’s “Jet-Lagged Poem.”

Reading will be in English, with poetry accompaniment in Portuguese.

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi is a poet, writer, and visual artist. She has contributed essays, critical writing, poetry, and solo/collaborative videos and films to a variety of venues. She is the author of the blog/open text South/South and Editor-at-Large at The New Inquiry. She currently teaches at Harvard University, where she completed a doctorate in Comparative Literature and Film & Visual Studies.

Nicolas Royer-Artuso is a linguist, musicologist, Oud player, and violinist. Starting off as a jazz player and electro-acoustic composer, he soon after devoted himself to maqam music, studying in Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, and Turkey. A key concept of his work is the the theoretical and practical use of “heterophony.” He is a founding member of nu.kolektif, where he composes, co-directs, and acts in the theater-oriented political collective. He lives in Istanbul, where he is an active part of the city’s traditional music and free improvisational scene.

Tuesday, Jan 14
8 pm
Zouqaq El Blatt, Beirut


Endnotes 3 Release Party @ 16 Beaver 1/17

January 10, 2014


 To celebrate the release of our third issue, “Gender, Race, Class and other Misfortunes”, Endnotes will hold an event in New York on January 17th at 16 Beaver. We will discuss the abolition of gender, the fall of capitalism, the meaning of communization, and the contemporary relevance of the party form. In particular we will focus on two articles from our new issue—”The Holding Pattern” and “The Logic of Gender”—with some of the authors, who have flown in for the occasion. The articles are available online, and we encourage everyone attending to take a look at them beforehand. Drinks, snacks and light entertainment will be provided.

Friday, Jan 17
6 pm
16 Beaver St. #6
New York, NY
RSVP on Facebook
Endnotes Vol. 3