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Submit to TNI

We’d like to invite you all to pitch for July’s Fun Issue.

Below are some keywords we hope will inspire you:

amusement parks, group activities, corporate retreats, team building, the injunction to enjoy, parties, the weekend, leisure time, schadenfreude, FOMO, guilt, clowns, getting wasted, asceticism, going to the movies, dates, the club, the rave, the riot, the illicit, drugs, “just looking for some fun”, Chuck E Cheese, water parks, gaming, arcades, competitive gaming, breaking the rules, skateboarding, crimes, laser tag, enforced happiness, affective labor, hedonism, anhedonia, “like”, casinos, Atlantic City, Las Vegas,cruises, shows, music festivals, Andrew WK, trap, Project X, the middle age’s dance crazes, fads, carnival, friends, company, camp, How to Basic, networking, bowling, darts, miniature golf, billiards, kids, play, sports, playdates, masturbation, sex, guilty pleasures, event tv, backpacking, cigarettes, adventure, revenge, sleepovers, slacking, shirking, refusal, HITBRAW, the TV channel Bravo, pranks, water slides, pets, comedy, stand-up, music festivals, sensory deprivation.

We’re seeking essays from 1,500 to 3,000 words, and for inclusion in Fun you would need to be able to turn in a draft no later than June 1st. If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too.

Please send pitches to with the subject line “FUN PITCH” by 12 pm on May 15th. We will respond to accepted
pitches after that date.

If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too. We do not accept fiction or poetry.

For complete submission guidelines, read TNI’s Submission Guidelines.