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TNI’s May issue will be Trash. Well, the theme is “trash”, we hope it’ll be a great issue.

Here are some topic ideas we hope will inspire you:

disposability, anything/everything America doesn’t want being shipped
to Africa,how things don’t really ever go away, trash pickers vs neoliberal ngos
trying to save them, trashyness, dark ecology, rewilding, trash islands, hyperobjects, half-life, flotsam, roadkill, dude who lived in a dumpster, recycling, the history of “litter”, comparative trash infrastructure, speculative trash infrastructure, Internet spam, Global South art from Western trash, general fascination with Africans making stuff out of refuse
Oscar the grouch, stig of the dump, the borrowers—kids book/TV, characters who live in/use garbage/waste, rats, oil spills; corporate vandalism in Delta region; Louisiana, dereliction; rubble, landfill—Freshkills Park on Staten Island, history of “white trash” and fascination with/spectacle of rural poverty, thrifting/yard + garage sales, pawn shops, dumpster diving, food expiry dates, supermarkets guarding their dumpsters, dumping shit in the sea/oceans, refuse, razing crops, trash/sacred: city cemeteries running out of space to bury the dead, welfare/benefits as fiscal waste,

We encourage you to interpret May’s theme as broadly as you’d like, what do you think of when you think of trash? pitch us!

We’re seeking essays from 1,500 to 3,000 words, and you would need to be able to turn in a draft no later than April 6th. If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too.

For inclusion in this issue, please send pitches to with
the subject line “TRASH PITCH” by 12 pm on March 19th. We will respond
to *accepted* pitches after that date.

If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too. We do not accept fiction or poetry.

Ayesha Siddiqi
eic TNI

Note: If you do not hear back from us in two weeks’ time, it’s safe to assume we have not chosen to run your submission and you are free to pitch it elsewhere.

For complete submission guidelines, read TNI’s Submission Guidelines.