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TNI’s November issue will be “CALIFORNIA”, both the state and its (alleged) state of mind.

We hope you’ll pitch us. Here are some topic ideas:

prisons, drought, stucco, secession, agriculture, gold rush, hollywood, redwoods, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, black panthers, Nixon, earthquakes, public schooling, secession, exportation of the lifestyle brand, silicon valley, conservative liberal divide, inland empire, LA, 22% of US homelessness is in California, swimming pool-symbol of attainable luxury, “is rapidly fading as a symbolic and cultural marker of Los Angeles”, The O.C, 90210, laguna Beach, The Hills, farms, Orange County islamophobia, Disneyland, retirement, frat busses in Napa Valley, Dream campaign, referendum state, palm springs; wtf, stolen land, mission system, occidentalism, the end point of the frontier, port shutdowns, broke municipalities, weed, jeremy meeks, sons of anarchy, LA subway, blondeness, tehrangeles

We’re seeking essays from 1,500 to 3,000 words, and you would need to
be able to turn in a draft no later than October 13th.

Please send pitches to with the subject
line “CALIFORNIA PITCH” by 5pm September 30th. We will respond to
all pitches after that date.

If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too.

In general, we welcome short- and long-form pieces from anyone who wants to write. We look for well-written, original posts on ideas, books, art, culture, and more. These posts may contain a fully-formed idea or merely the seed of one; they may be full essays or only a paragraph. We do not accept fiction or poetry.

Send your pitch with writing samples or completed posts to:

submissions |at|

Note: If you do not hear back from us in two weeks’ time, it’s safe to assume we have not chosen to run your submission and you are free to pitch it elsewhere.

For complete submission guidelines, read TNI’s Submission Guidelines.