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Submit to TNI

We invite you to submit pitches for inclusion in our September issue, Counterfeit. Counterfeit = fake shit, which implies a real version. Counterfeit is also expertise, it’s fooling the authorities, it’s getting by unofficially. It depends on who’s fooling who. Like “punching up,” surely there’s a way to fool in the right direction. Who are we fooling? Who should we be?
Here are some keywords we hope inspire you:

fake ids, false paperwork in general, aura, simulations, spectacle, cyborg, generic meds, biosimilars, political critique/protest through mirror institutions/gov bodies/events (People’s World Cup in Brazil, People’s Climate Talk in Lima, National Black Political Convention in Gary ’72, Congress of the People in apartheid-era SA), reenactment, prosthetic, clones, autoimmune diseases, anthropomorphism and its discontents, memory, faked scientific data, misleading survey reporting, shell companies, catfishes, forgeries, knockoffs, snake oil, faux luxe, trying to look fake, passing (w/r/t race and gender), authentication bodies, shanzhai, actors, mimesis, Difference and Repetition by Deleuze, art/ecological restoration, skeletal reconstruction, replacement foods (margarine, Splenda, etc), export-based economies, alternate histories, lies.

We’re seeking essays from 1,500 to 3,000 words, and you would need to be able to turn in a draft no later than August 5th. If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too. Please forward this call to anyone you may think would be interested.

For inclusion in this issue, please send pitches to with the subject line “COUNTERFEIT” by 12 pm Friday July 17th. We will respond to accepted pitches after that date.
If you have an idea for an interview or a short feature, we’re looking for that too. We do not accept fiction or poetry.

For complete submission guidelines, read TNI’s Submission Guidelines.