Today marks the launch of The New Inquiry Vol. 6: "Game of Drones." Our interest in drone technologies and their uses extends beyond their political and economic implication to an affective realm. As Maryam Monalisa Gharavi puts it in her essay "Paranoid Androids," there's something "persuasively anthro­mimetic" about these devices; they speak with a deafening buzz and watch with unblinking eyes, they bomb and they crash and they stare. We are called to stare back.

There are 10 pieces in GoD, and for the first time, none of them has been published online yet. It's 130+ pages of original, unseen critical work on drones, illustrated and designed by Imp Kerr. As far as we can tell, it's the first collection on the topic. If you want to get at it now, you can subscribe to TNI for $2/month and get GoD in your inbox today. If you're not sure, take a look at the preview poster here, with excerpts from all the articles. If you're content to wait, we'll start with three pieces today and publish the rest for free online over the next month or so. But if you've got two bucks a month to spare and you enjoy New Inquiry, we'd really appreciate your support in keeping us ad-free without premium content, even if you just want to read online.

New Inquiry editor Malcolm Harris interviewed artist and director Alex Rivera on immigration, the Pentagon and Hollywood, and drones as a medium

By Trevor Timm and Parker Higgins
These two electronic privacy activists with the Electronic Frontier Foundation look at the birth of the computer and what it could mean for the future of drones

By Chase Madar
The author of The Passion of Bradley Manning examines the mechanisms by which we count (and don't count) drone victims in The War on Terror


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