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Terrifying Robot Update: Friday, August 8, 2014

See you should always let robots into your car they are safe and whimsical don’t worry human hitchhikers are dangerous and not to be trusted on the other hand robots are cute and you should pick them up and put them in your car

• • •

A struggling Korean baseball team have invented a novel way to improve atmosphere at their matches – by bringing in a crowd of robot fans.

Hanwha Eagles supporters not able to get to the stadium can control the robot over the internet.

The bots can cheer, chant and perform a Mexican wave – but presumably not invade the pitch.


• • •

Hahahaha a special robot just to run across the sand look at its little sand running legs it’s definitely not going to hunt us down on the beach one by one hahahahaha

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WARNING: not only terrifying surgery robot but also features nasty robot surgery footage, literally watch a robot take apart someone’s flesh, here, now, it’s gross, don’t do it, don’t look away, it’s the future, no, it’s today, robot surgery

• • •

The way it runs away the way it runs away the way it runs away the way it runs away

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