"a girl with a crush is omnivorous, and very, very hungry"

In some ways, the Columbiners are not so different from the Beliebers. The main difference, of course, is that Justin Bieber is unattainable because he's a famous pop musician, while Harris and Klebold are famous because they are murderers, and unattainable because they are dead. But a girl with a crush has more in common with another girl with a crush than she does with a regular civilian. Both groups tend to speak in the self-consciously cute vernacular of internet teens ("*fangirling*"; "UGH every time i look at him i just flail around for a minute"), making fun of their own intensity even as they indulge it. They appreciate crooked smiles, strong forearms, and boys who write bad poetry about love (Beiber: "If I could just die in your arms/I wouldn't mind"; Klebold: "I, who write this, love you beyond infinince").

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