"A puppet is quite frankly the best candidate to play the principal role in a puppet’s theater."

3. Politics is essentially the art of manipulation of appearances, of false pretenses, strategy, three-band play, permanent coup d’état, bad faith and of domination, or in other words: efficacious falsehood(s). It is quite logical then to elect as president a patent liar. Those who see in this election the triumph of a “post-truth” politics, since the winner never worried about “respecting the facts,” try to lamentably hide the evidence that since he was elected, it is precisely because he incarnates the truth of politics: the truth of its falsehood. That which makes the Left everywhere worth of hate, is their attempt to disprove this falsehood by attempting to make a politics of good feelings/intentions. Each time that the Left has taken to task the obscenity of Trump, it has but resounded the false character of its own moralism. The restraint which the Left relies on is also the restraint of its truth, which perpetuates the reign of falsehood. This is thus how Trump has become, for some, the name of the end of falsehood. He just lacks having reading any Gracian, whom spoke on the man of the court: “When his artifice is found out, he refines his dissimulation, and makes uses of truth to fool further. He changes the game and weaponry to change the ruse. His artifice is to have none at all.”
4. If to govern today is reduced to the exercise of emergency communications; if today all politicians solely play their role in a entertaining spectacle accessible to all; if they only strive to postpone day after day the examination of the vital questions whose irresolution undercut our existence; if the exercise of State power only seeks to provide a decoy for those with real power, because they have real interests in the world, and seek to continue serving them; if thus the government is no longer in the government and if the palaces are empty; thus it is highly rational to elect as president a professional charlatan from reality TV. A puppet is quite frankly the best candidate to play the principal role in a puppet’s theater.

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