African Poetry Fictions

Image | Jerry Riley |
Image| Jerry Riley |

Keguro Macharia, "African Poetry: Introduction":

The story of African poetry, if is to be told, will be the accumulation of very stories: very Somali, very Nigerian, very Egyptian, very South African, very Ugandan, very Burundian, and very each of the diverse regions in those geographies and geohistories.

Aaron Bady, "The Novelty of African Poetry":

How would you talk about the development of African poetry without placing people like Kofi Awoonor and Gabriel Okara at the center of the story? And how could we imagine its future if we didn’t look to young poets like Clifton Gachagua, Ladan Osman, Mahtem Shiferraw, Mukoma wa Ngugi, and Patricia Jabbeh Wesley?