This writer is an Innovator. What are you? And who cares?

This writer is an Innovator. What are you? And who cares?

When those who take the survey complete it, they are then told they fall into one of four broad, psycho-political categories.

The survey told this writer he is in the Innovator group. The other groups are: Cooperators, Guardians, Pragmatists, and Challengers.

Where do these categories come from? Vox Pop does not deign to tell you. The company does, however, give you an utterly redundant demographic breakdown of people in your category, based on age, gender and other characteristics.

In the case of Innovators, the average age is, apparently, 37.

So what?

How does this help elucidate or clarify the issue of electoral reform?

It doesn't. And that, sadly, is the point.

Liberals who have cooled to the idea of changing the electoral system, and who are downright hostile to any change that includes a significant element of proportionality, are hoping this survey succeeds in covering the entire reform process in a blanket of dense fog.

The more confused and disaffected Canadians are with the entire process, the easier it will be to ditch it entirely.

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