"at first they tolerated me but refused to acknowledge my work"

After a period of posting links to my videos on [band member] Colin Newman’s wall, he became annoyed and told me to stop filling up his wall. He changed his settings so no one could post there anymore. After sending him a few messages he snapped, and told me to fuck off. (I mentioned this predicament in my vlog about Malka and Colin Newman.) I wrote on the walls of a few of his fan pages that I am now blocked from. I am not blocked from the Wire fan page on Facebook but I cannot post or comment on anything.

At first I was upset—it’s like if Jesus came down and told all of the Christians to stop worshipping him because he was getting tired of people kissing his ass too hard. How conceited does a person have to be to do that? But soon I realized that it didn’t matter if I had the support of the band or not, because I have fans now who support me.

What made you want to make these videos?

All of the Wire fans that I knew were over the age of forty, and I just wanted to show the band that they were getting through to the youth as well. They don’t make their own music videos either. Wellthey made a few, so I thought it would be a kind gesture.

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