Ayesha Siddiqi is Editor in Chief

An announcement from our new Editor in Chief:

The New Inquiry's staff has distinguished itself through their exploration of ideas removed from the pretensions of either academic journals or the biases of traditional media. I am proud to be named the New Inquiry's first succeeding Editor-in-Chief since Rachel Rosenfelt co-founded the magazine in 2009.

The New Inquiry is cultural discourse at its best: an online magazine free of string-pulling benefactors, traffic-seeking advertisers, or artificial paywalls—available to all curious readers under a Creative Commons license.

I look forward to being a resource for our brilliant team and further enabling the vital writing that the New Inquiry was created to support.

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Thank you for your ongoing readership. I look forward to honoring TNI's commitment to an inclusive culture of criticism and inquiry.

Ayesha Siddiqi
Editor in Chief