Black Liberation Theory: Insurgent Philosophy & the Black Radical Legacy @ Brecht Forum

In this class participants will explore how racism makes the very assertion of human agency by Black people within the context of a western imperialist continuum  inherently ‘problematic’ and constitutive of a ‘biopolitical danger’ to oppressive global power.  From there the class explore how the insurgent philosophical contributions of radical Black intellectuals are indicative of a vital legacy of socio-historical rebellion and ontological upheaval for the continued cultivation and renewal of global emancipatory praxis in confrontation with Empire.

For this 12-week session intensive philosophical seminar, each student will be expected to fulfill the required reading assignments before each class and be prepared to write 1 to 3 paragraphs in critical response to each reading assignment for further discussion during each class.

1-What is Philosophy?

2-Modernity & the Western Imperialist Continuum

3-David Walker, the Divine & the Diaspora

4-Frederick Douglass & Existential Liberation

5-Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad & Fugitive ‘being’

6-W.E.B. DuBois, Double Consciousness & ‘problematic’ Subjectivity

7-Ida B. Wells, Lynching & the Normative Gaze of Established Power

8-Richard Wright & Existential Outlaw Subjectivity

9-Malcom X & Emancipatory Black Manhood

10-Jean-Paul Sartre & Existential Marxism

11-Frantz Fanon & Decolonization Phenomenology

12-Black Panther Party & Black Liberation Theory

A. Shahid Stover is an avant-garde African-American writer/philosopher/social critic & Editor-in-Chief of The BROTHERWISE DISPATCH (  Stover’s first book, HIP HOP INTELLECTUAL RESISTANCE focuses on Hip Hop aesthetics as Black cultural resistance to racist dehumanization and western imperialist oppression.

First class Feb 6
7:30-9:30 pm
Sliding scale: $95-$125
Free for Brecht Forum Subscribers
Brecht Forum @ The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY