An Embarrassment of Citrus

Illustration from Forsetzing des Allgemeinen Deutschen Garten-Magazins (1815)

"Enter an unreflecting young gentleman who has bought an orange and must eat it immediately. He accordingly begins by peeling it, and is first made aware of the delicacy of his position by the gigglement of the two young ladies, and his doubt where he shall throw the peel. 'He is in for it,' however, and must proceed; so being unable to divide the orange into its segments, he ventures upon a great liquid bite, which ... covers the lower part of his face with pip and drip. The young lady with the ringlets is right before him. The two other young ladies stuff their handkerchiefs into their mouths, and he into his own mouth the rest of the fruit, 'sloshy' and too big, with desperation in his heart, and the tears in his eyes." --Leigh Hunt, "The Inside of an Omnibus" (1876)