Blood platinum is not a solid but a gas


34 dead and 78 wounded.



From clouds of toxic gas

Tear gas, likely not the British-designed CR gas (dibenzoxazepine) with nerve agent used during apartheid and in Vietnam and then Genoa and now in Egypt, Israel, and likely soon in all other places where the biochemical techniques of an ex-colonial power come back to not haunt but cripple and kill those whose lives are still determined, not in an "ex" but in a present way, by what was and is the legacy of empire, but CS gas,  2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, to attack the TRPA1 ion channel of the nerves of that which sees and smells and tastes and breathes
to make bodies run blind

to a cloud of dust in which they shoot blind at running bodies.


All this, somewhere under the earth and down the line, to protect the vicious profitability of extracting time from bodies and excavating a material used predominantly to


reduce cloud of toxic gas

To catalytically convert and hence reduce the quantity of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons in exhaust
produced by engines,

such those of the riot vans holding police and guns to kill the miners of that material,


and to shine bright

76 tons of platinum sold for jewelry

on the rings and necks of the rich so they can be, as Birdman says, "fly in any weather," toxic clouds of this loathsome world entirely included.