Coweye Burgers and Plastic Malts


Lunch in the Car -- Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island 06/1973 --FromĀ The U.S. National Archives

"So to sum up, there is a small bit of the macrocosm inside us, inside the microcosm; and this small bit equals the whole universal mind. The microcosm contains the macrocosm, another concept not thinkable in formal logic. God within me sees God outside; the two commune with each other. The two link up through the mediating flesh or body. So he or it, whatever, is made visible here on this world, at this time. Meanwhile, Satan is up at the McDonald's stand, ordering coweye burgers and plastic malts, thinking to keep his power. A few more years of coweye burgers and plastic malts, and he'll have had it." --Philip K. Dick, Exegesis (2011)