Do yoga and vote


A poem for Anne Boyer



Do yoga and vote

Huff the fumes of the bile of your enemies from a garbage bag and vote

Do yoga deep in the wet recesses of the bag and vote

Go un-vegan as a consequence of that experience and vote

Tend to the wounds of others as a fox tends to the stump of its own leg it chewed free from the trap set by a yoga class and vote

Reset the trap in the proximity of a polling station and vote



Tie matte stones around the necks of pigeons and vote

Describe that activity and all others as basically ornamental and vote

Give up smoking and vote

Take it back with all the tenderness you can muster and vote

Watch slow curls of grey spill forth from what you falsely called stones and vote

Remember that you have performed this entire set of activities on the outskirts of Aleppo and vote

Listen for the sound of necks coming apart in hands of air and vote

Litter the fields of the living like ex-birds and vote



Buy in bulk the 22” Panga machete with a 440 stainless steel blade for only $3.19/unit when placed in orders of more than 48 and vote

Donate machetes to organized whores and vote



Tie a bag of aged rain over the head of your local police officer and vote



Set traps for tourists and vote

Arm the scugnizzi with full bottles and empty chains and vote

Take down any monument to wealth that shines ceaseless through the night into the eyes of the bedrooms where the kids are sleeping and vote

Take it down to the foundation and then further than that and vote

Take it down with swarms of birds wired to blow and vote

Pick up slow the Innu children who fall to the tundra floor with bags of gasoline held to their mouths and vote

Join the children in their ceaseless laughter at the tourists gnawing themselves free and vote



Get yourself off rough and ragged in the proximity of a downed drone and vote

Enucleate each and every security camera in the United Kingdom with jagged parts torn ragged from the belly of a drone and vote

Make small arms from the sightless hulls of the cameras and distribute them amongst the families of North Waziristan and vote

Repeat the process and vote



Break down weeping? at the remaining tendrils of a bird in a red fresco in a room beside the street in Pompeii through which the puking earth passe and vote

Steal that fragment of fresco and vote

Grind it up only to find that it was composed of rotten bird and vote

Place it beneath the weight of a city and vote

Wait for it to become coal and vote

Kill time and vote

Lock the doors of a Bikram studio from the outside and giggle and vote

Strip time's carcass for parts and vote

Draw forth the past fresco and vote

Insert many grains of coal dust beneath your skin so as to resemble a new vein to be mined for fire and vote

Get lit and vote



Watch the unions of organized whores gather along the barbed border fence with machetes and bags in hand and pause once for breath through their masks to keep out and in the smoke and begin their work and vote