Emerging Markets of Mistaken Virtual Identity

F?o?u?r? S?e?v?e?n? Ten separate United Nations agencies have mistaken my Twitter account for a UNEP Global South-South Development Expo in Nairobi. That showcase actually possesses its own account (goal: to 'harness this ever growing number of development solutions that address both existing and emerging development challenges head-on').

The UN agencies include the UN Division for Sustainable Development, the UN Development Policy and Analysis Division (twice), the UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform, the Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement, UN Women, the United Nations Environment ProgrammeUNDP in Chad, UN Brussels, UN Women in Africa, and UN Women National Committee for Canada.

All screen grabs by author.

This is a marked departure from last month's torrent of Syria war market spam, which, let every bot-god be my witness, halted completely the day this was posted.


Post scriptum: the most honest detritus to waft my way today assumes no particular identity at all, just the mere reassurance that the electronic recipient is 'alive.'