Everything resembles the truth

                                                (Nikolai Gogol, Dead Souls, 1842)

Services, New Iorvik, 2007 (scanned from To Me, You Are Simply Words on Paper (2000), reproduced in Stereohell Illustrated (2009-2013))

The following report is reproduced as received.


S-50 appears to offer:

concern for the individual.

Recruitment, training techniques, and indoctrination procedures practiced by S-50 impose their norms of thinking and behaving through:

breakdown of spontaneity;
?composite schemes of cross-non-actions and repetitive non-stimuli configured by experiments;
closed system of logic;
comprehension-altering routines leading to flashbacks and intrusive reexperiencing of negative emotions, cone-shaped memories, shizoaffective memories, phantom recollections, semi-rigid declarative memories swapped with pliant ones;
?response to sadness in a way that greater sadness is aroused;
?rationalization to incite to accept the “care” provided by S-50 as the only alternative.

Recruits suffered loss of direction, lack of orientation, repetitive lack of coherent answers to recurrent coherent questions. They experienced immobility, feelings of worthlessness, woes, weps, mental cysts, anomic aphasia. They felt rootless, hopeless, helpless.

Recommendations: We recommend that S-50:

Put an immediate end to its activities;

Take urgent steps to implement the recommendations made in the present report.


       prepared by:
       S-22 Authority


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“Queening (Superposition and Eclipse series),” Stereohell Illustrated (2009-2013)

A note on “Kerr's Analysis of Change Science,” a short essay Brodkey wrote on Imp Kerr's interpretation of change for the July 2010 issue of the Stereohell periodical Der Stereohell (reproduced separately in Die Progressive Paralyse (Disorders of Simulation Augmented, Vol. II), Coxsackie, NY (2010), and in a 2013 reprint of Superposition Scholia)
In a number of her writings, Imp Kerr [a woman with self-confessed “inertia problem”] discusses a type of paradigm she calls “change,” without ever giving a definition of change nor even mentioning the term. She only lists some typical features of change, sometimes adding vague psychological explanations, but without relating these features to a general theory or specific experiences. The most extensive discussion referring to change occurs in one chapter (Ch. II.2) of the Fifth Stereohell (Magnæ Matris), a collection of notes attributed to Kerr regardless of the doubt that the form in which this collection has come down to posterity has been devised by Kerr herself [In particular the representation of change [see 1 & 2 below] elaborated in the chapter in question that some attribute to Brodkey rather than Kerr [According to reports by Dr. Mary Daisy Mipstein of the Manhattan Forensic Psychiatrist Center, Brodkey considered “change” (Per Cambiare) as primary evil, or evil itself [euvel], “hell” as “hole,” “hate” as “hete,” and “counterclockwise extrusion spiral disorders” as “queening stools.” The analogies are described with valuable contextualizations in the Superposition Scholia, a short text Brodkey wrote in 2011 [property of the Psychiatric Society of Coxsackie, NY] which is thought to be a revised version of Chapter II.2.].]. So far no attempt has been made to describe Kerr's concept of change as based on her undisputed, notoriously resistant to exegesis work, and to compare it to the views presented [in Ch. II.2]. However, the revealing, in 2009, of the decimation of facility S-50, evidenced “with all the more force” by documents issued by S-12, opened several pockets of speculation from which a new and comprehensive interpretation of the concept of “change” in the circumstances of the said S-50 case became possible [By virtue of its own kind, the decimation of facility S-50 has been considered as a proof that changes were predictable consequences of infinite series of spiraling causes, themselves consequences of causes preceded by endless sequences of causes and consequences, and that what we called hazard [chance] didn't exist and was a word for our ignorance of all causes, and that, besides, "nothing [could] exist without a cause" (Voltaire).]. Despite obtuse disputes concerning the extraction of generalities from particularities, methodologies, intents, and crosscurrents of biases due to the allegedly heretical—non secundum textum originalem—nature of the texts and conclusions considered, it was established nonetheless that 1) change determinations and structures, typically discriminative and undetectable, result from self-persuasion, superposition [with the acceptation “simultaneous existence in more than one place”], postponements, and distance, and that 2) in return, change disruptors interfering with hete [hate] and feigned vainglory facilitate denial by creating disorder and opacity.


Plate 19, Stereohell Illustrated (2009-2013)

Plate 22; Fetish, bites, rites, hete, and temporal evolution of the Judge’s Room among the facilities (with diagram, middle of page), Stereohell Illustrated (2009-2013)

The Black Facilities, or “Judge's Room” as Jimmy Brodkey referred to them, consisted of a zone fragmented into 34 facilities located in the states of New York and Nevada. They were studied by Stereo Hell revivalists at the Central Science Laboratory of Change [Borough of Manhattan] in the years 2009, 2010, and 2011.

In the end of the 20th century, interest in the “Infinite Debt” was revived by the Stereo Hell Initiative, a small group of occult societies which rejected change, disorder, endurance, and denial–all traits reflected in the philosophical system of the Judge's Room—as “trivial” and inspired by villainous influences [preliminary indications that support this reading can be found in several entries in the Superposition Scholia]. By the end of the 00s and after many quarrels and dissensions befell, about fifty Stereo Hell societies were countable in New York promoting a variety of combative pseudo-stereohell initiatives, all change acquiescent and vilipensive and in favor of which Jimmy Brodkey seemed to have played an important role.

A crucial development in the connection between these pseudo-stereohell initiatives and the Black Facilities came in 2009 with the ratification, by the New York Society for the Suppression of Truth, of the content of Die Progressive Paralyse (Augmented Edition, 1990-2009),

An integral part of the Stereohell Initiative ruse was that there was no apposite definition for the expressions of “notions of Law” and “notions of Justice,” no epistemological instrument (absence of epistemological instrument) to abstract “determinations,” and no critical taxonomy itemizing the practices “upon which the laws were based.” (Kerr I., Force reste à la loi, Paris, 2013)
a controversial work by Jimmy Brodkey which established the foundations of his theory of “Irretrievable Disorder,” and, among other consequences, fostered the practice of denial. The subsequent, successful corruption of the original initiative was implemented the same year in a triacontakaitetra-zone initially encrypted Justice Room, with sub-rooms 19 through 75 and 1 through 80 being interpolations interpreted as being the “Sum of the 28 Facilities” and believed to represent “a primal facility” under which all further societies would be subsumed. Reportedly [prima facie], the first twelve facilities corresponded to twelve modifications of the “Cause,” while the sixteen additional facilities were operating as “Paralyses.”

It is not known how many facilities still exist and how many have been destroyed. Some may even have been reconstructed. What is known is that the initial Stereohell societies were dismantled and their records destroyed, and all their members [commonly recognized as 68 “low-level victims”] eliminated during the purge of 2012 [in response to “apprehensiveness” expressed by S-75].

“S-75 was due for a ‘theoretical reassessment,’ and such a reassessment was likely to be negative and not reflect the influence S-75 thought it deserved to have over the other facilities.” —The Perilous Empirical Times, 2012
The purge took place at S-22 in conditions said “dark,” in November 2012, echoing the November 2009 decimation of S-50. In December 2012, under the impulse of ??????? [whose name was blacked out], S-75 set up a cover-up operation code-named “Catherine Wheel” to hide the crimes committed during the purge, hide the identities of the victims,
A document issued by the SRNET (unattributed), decrying the duplicity of the Catherine Wheel operation in its entirety, was called a "reconstruction based on a reality that doesn't exist" by the Judge's Room.
and hide the Catherine Wheel operation itself. In January 2013, S-22 was reopened and repopulated, as if nothing had happened.

Victim 29 (colorized photographs)

Scene cleanup (Catherine Wheel Operation, 2012) © SRNET


“How could anything originate out of its opposite? For example, truth out of error?” —Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886

“Supposing that Truth is a woman” —Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886

“And so in truth they shall.” —Racine, The Thebaid, 1664