Facebook Piece

Purpose: To enact algorithmically-driven engagement on Facebook to foster a paradoxically participatory subjectivity. Test the proposition that social media are conceptual art for the masses; that perhaps they use the aspirations of conceptual art to interpellate user populations as "masses," as compliantly productive audiences.

1. Reactivate dormant account Robert Horning and reset privacy settings to their defaults

2. Remain logged in to Facebook on personal computer and smartphone. Turn on the chat functionality

3. Every day, perform the following 20 actions on Facebook or through Facebook's Open Graph API

  • Submit five friend requests to profiles suggested by Facebook's "People You May Know" algorithm
  • Post one photograph of myself
    NOTE: If performing the piece does not cause the performer some personal discomfort, has he violated the spirit of the performance?
  • Post one photograph I've taken of anything but myself
  • Share one photograph found elsewhere on the Internet
  • Post one update about something I listened to that day
  • Post one update about something I read or watched that day
  • Post one update about something I wrote or want to write
  • Like six things within Facebook or on the Internet at large
  • Comment on two Newsfeed items
  • Click on one sponsored ad


4. Accept all friend requests, should there be any.

5. Obey any requests for information generated automatically by Facebook's interface

6. Continue until account has reached maximum or minimum number of friends