Grapefruit Your Man


By gripping him toward the center of an edgeless canyon—

He, more beautiful than the dawn.

Blueberry your man: squeeze his delicate inner tannins into a clean saucer.

Watch his watermelon seeds pool into a dark portrait,

The whites of his eyes shining like cool daybreak.

Lemon your man in repetitive extraction, then

Affix your gaze on his melted sacs and looping rinds.

Tamper with the excess pods until they liquefy into a hydrous substance,

Your man stirring in a cloudless bowl.

All mammalian boundaries between you now dissolved,

See to it that no parts of him go wasted, not even

The thin folds of his segmented membranes, his fruit’s falsetto.

Pineapple your man until his ovaries flower into individual sugarloaves

Juiced, follicle by follicle, as a proudly bursting blood orange.


Image: "Branch with oblong fruit," Chinese water color painting. The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1800-1899.