Every tile was identical and black, except █

"Today is a day of hate," said Ritz.

Mid-December, two guards took Rubi Possolipo to S-19. S-19 was a small facility operated by T-Symmetric from New York. "One confirmed," said one guard. Rubi was in the tiled tilted room, tied up. Every tile was identical and black, except ? which was black and engraved with a black Spanish diacritical mark. The floor was tilted on purpose, the light was dim. There were two guards holding barking dogs, tilted like hyenas, barking silently at Rubi Possolipo. The dogs were ferocious and barking, and no sound was coming out of their mouth. Rubi's left leg was smushed, his knee mashed, and T-Symmetric told him, "We cut their vocal chords," and Rubi swooned, "pro bono publico," said Ritz.

3 weeks earlier, Possolipo was only about 3 weeks away from looking smushed and mashed. Norman Bames's real name was Billy Gumm, (Billy "the eel" Gumm, formerly Billy ?????) but who were the brothers Possolipo? Vito was sometimes calling his brother, Rubi, "Brother Rubi," often he started his sentences with these words, "Hey, Brother Rubi, I want to ask you…" but they didn't have the same forehead, Vito had scaphocephaly, Rubi was blond, Vito didn't like poetry and "facing the Giants." Billy Gumm coined an expression ("Surrounded by glory and Rubi") and Ritz, a rather most brutal person, began to explore responses to these questions, and if there was a proof of exactly how he got exposed.

Late November, Vito and Rubi Possolipo were "authorized" to visit the "black warehouse" at S-75. Bames said S-75 had no lab. He said Ritz was with them that night. He said the brothers were administrated injections of mescaline before being taken to a "brick room" and asked to examine boxes under the light of a "yellow" neon bulb. There were a copy machine and a water cooler, and a dictionary of the terms used at S-75 (and S-77) to describe the procedures. There were forty-four white boxes, numbered and stored on mural shelves. The boxes were filled with clippings, affidavits, photocopies of telefax, shredded paper strips, transcripts of emails, a keyword list, a list of lists titled MULTICOLORI, compilations of footnotes, blueprints, polaroids, cross-sectional MRI scans of brains and genitals (females vs pre-op transsexuals), x-rays of ankles, knees, necks, toes, fingers, chest radiographs, b-scan ultrasounds of eyes and jellyfish tissues, hormone tests, IQ tests, pages of books, pages of notebooks, packets of letters tied together with strings, twines, white ribbons, tape, typed letters, a few hotel brochures, maps, love notes, and vouchers.

The brothers stayed there 34 hours, opened every box, wrote down one hundred and twenty four pages of notes, and when they came back to the lab, at S-68, they started to engage in repetitive conversations about paranoia, genders, limelight and light bulbs. Vito was asserting that there was one single gender, that "you are checking me out," and that light bulbs emit light, and Rubi was retorting that it was a false concept and a scheme, and many times he repeated, "in actuality, light bulbs absorb dark" and "dark is transported back to power generation stations via wires," and stocked, and he added, rubbing powder on his gums, thinking he was a connoisseur, "there's an infinity of genders."

It goes without saying that the "brick room" experiment was a test. They wanted to verify that Rubi Possolipo (born T-Bone in Richardson, TX) was NOT a maniac, actually existed, and that he was who he said he was. Gumm said Ritz noticed the black cover of Jellylovae Multicolori Book in Rubi's pocket "at the very first minute." The 124 pages of notes? Yes, Gumm said. No, I said (and I sworn him to secrecy about that and the rest). The injection of mescaline? He who knows does not speak. Besides, when I asked Gumm if Ritz effectively spoke to T-Symmetric, he nodded.

Another finding of concern, and subject of quarrel between S-19 and S-75, was a letter written in Swedish and containing 60 (sixty) pages. They had it translated into English and French by a team of S-15. We got a copy. The incipit resembled this: "She suffered great sadness, yet always remained joyous." On the last page (back cover) were written these words: YOU + ME = MEANT TO BE. There was no indication of date. The second page was bearing a red crest and a small loop of skin with the inscription: IN YER FACE TURBO RAVE, and this sentence, "Love me when I least deserve it," scrawled in red. At the bottom of page 3 was typed a list of apothegms (Gam-zu l'tovah, Amor fati, Kærlighed er alt, Et ce sera enfin fini…) and in the margin, "low next to the bass," someone had typed: "The person who has accepted all this will reach the level ascribed to Nahum of Gimzo, who would say about every difficulty he underwent, 'this, too, is for good' and he will live a life of continual quietude for troubles will seem trivial to him." It (the page? the phrase?) was signed R. KRRR. The rest of the text, the sixty pages, was an ensemble of onomatopoeiae (tss tss, huh-huh-huh, errrrrr… ) and words beginning with the prefixes älsk-, imp-, quasi- and alt-. ????? from S-15 said, "Anything generated by an algorithm can be deciphered by an algorithm," and after many a dispute and revisions, the ???? Council endorsed the following result:

i am w/ you like i am w/ no one else in my life. you can figure out what the hell to do w/ me. aren't your best times supposed to be with someone you love? i want to be careful, ok?

"Another book. Someone has been tearing up books," said Rubi. Page 46 of L'expérience intérieure. Pages 259 and 260 of The Analysis of Mind. This passage was written by ???????: Amongst the interpretations of SHEx, the most common "supposes that the world has been created five minutes ago, furnished with a humanity that 'remembers' an imaginary past." Rubi shrugged and pouted his lips and said (reading) that "colors are the only reality." And after an interval of silence, he said, "This is a secret edition. They invented a country." He then read to his brother the paragraph where A. Covert was describing her first experiments with S. Harper, and detailing an "indivisible experience" at a remote location in 2008. "Um, a woman," said Vito. "Easily roused," said Rubi. She was asking, "What is the future made of? Knowledge or experience?"

Ritz was in contact with Jerry Syrup, and Vito promised to show him all the documents (the transcripts). "Tell Ritz we have to go with my plan now," said Syrup. In fact, Jerry Syrup understood very well that it was all related to R. KRRR and the "activity." In his exchanges, he was always referring to it as the "dark argument" and it was clear to him that Kerr was behind this immense simulacrum (along with a number of other aspects). Many times he repeated, "It's not Harper, it's Kerr." Repetition was his law and the "dark argument" was recurrently brandished when the subject was brought up – yet Syrup never adduced any convincible evidence and didn't elucidate the meaning of the Swedish letter (T-Symmetric did). When questioned about Syrup, Ritz described him as "someone who wore expensive suits and knew nothing about recursion theory," and at S-68, the same was said of Ricky Warm, his comrade from Las Vegas, and of Kaiser Fritsch, the "enemy" from Manhattan, and of Kim Cooper and Greg Freleng, and also that, indeed, Kerr knew nothing and was just a gargoyle, a ghoul.

The story about Kerr, said ??????, is that Kerr is a very private person that people reportedly saw in New York and Palm Spring and in a small town in the middle of the Wazza meadows in Southwestern ????? (North of ??????? to be precise), which not coincidentally happens to be in Ritz's district, the Harmon district, and the other Ritz, his cousin, just happens to be one of Syrup's very best friends, and as such, this dispersed area -- long before the SHEx episode happened -- was a base of stereohell covert operation and remains to this very day a base of stereohell covert operation. And that's the story. Everything we know for sure fits on one page.