if these adjectives are synonyms of ‘enemy’

From a friend who translated this endlessly contemporary work:

"One shouldn’t be too generous with certain adversaries. Against those who without disgust tolerated reading or listening to things written and said about Arabs which largely repeated arguments that thirty or so years ago the Hitlerian press made against the Jude, and made them, if that’s possible, even more repugnant by covering them in a pedagogical, democratic veneer— because for the Nazi the Jew was irrecuperable while the ragged gesticulating illiterate Arab, incapable of using a modern weapon et cetera, can ‘progress’ if instructed in Western values—against these people one will never be ‘antisemitic’ and ‘racist’ enough, if these adjectives are synonyms of ‘enemy’."

Franco Fortini, The Dogs of the Sinai, p. 30