███ is all

I was walking back from lunch one afternoon last month w/ ?????? who has been involved in the ?????? experiments more or less since the beginning of the "activity." We were talking about the last test. well, you get the idea. I said that everyone at s-68 had expected a crash; of course, we knew it could and should go down 70 percent or 80 percent, "but not 96 percent," she finished my sentence.

I opened my mouth to deliver the next line, but she beat me to it. "It can go down to zero," she said.

"It can go down to zero." you hear the phrase so often now.

It is an obvious fact that i am just now facing up to. it is also a fact incredibly easy to forget (if anything), even for the skeptics. last week, a colleague of Bames argued that ?????? might be overvalued by "at least" 70 percent. Well, their worst-case scenario was far too optimistic.

I don't pretend to have been any more prescient than anybody else about this. In fact, i was not (for a long time i thought of myself as a skeptic). Hasty conclusions are always debatable, verily. But zero?

There is just too much in this thing.