I've been googling radiation poisoning, I’m
going to need to know how this happens. The
toxic dose of ions seeping into
the body politic until there are
bodies sprawled all over the floor and the
TV’s blaring out a laughtrack soundtrack.
Black Lives Matter! Nobody’s saying they don’t.
I’m pretty woke but let’s be real, I hear
they’re banning hugs next, which is, well, you know.
But here’s my take on this situation:
The bodies are intact—dead not sleeping—
it’s not funny but it’s funnee. You get
two doses, one from the explosion, the
second from the fallout. White journalists
really dig it: time for some Game Theory!
Radiation kills cells by autophagy.
America is eating me with its
economic anxiety mouth. Loss
of white blood cells, nausea, vomiting, death—
but I can still hear somebody laughing.