Objects and Clarity

Objectively, Eric Garner was not killed by police because he was black.

Objectively: "On July 17, 2014, in Staten Island, New York, United States, Eric Garner died of a heart attack while police officers were arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes."

The Economist, yesterday: "Unlike Mr Thomas, Mr Baptist has not written an objective history of slavery. Almost all the blacks in his book are victims, almost all the whites villains. This is not history; it is advocacy."

Objectivity is important; one must not advocate.

The New York Post writes, today:

Many teachers had worn the shirts to school Tuesday and Wednesday as a show of support for cops in the wake of the Eric Garner death and union-backed rally by the Rev. Al Sharpton. But they were warned by a United Federation of Teachers official in an email late Wednesday that, “as public employees, one must remain objective at all times. Certain T-shirt messages may appear to be supportive, but individuals (parents, students) may see a different meaning in that message.”


According to schooldigger's objective data, PS 220 has 46 full-time teachers.

"My turn to state an equation: colonization = "thingification." --Aime Cesaire
"Force is that which makes a thing of whoever submits to it." --Simone Weill

A first grade teacher, 2013: “I’m not a teacher — I’m a warden for future criminals!”


According to schooldigger's objective data,

"Student population at Ps 220 Edward Mandel is diverse. Racial makeup is: White (40.4%), Hispanic (25.3%), Asian (24%)."

Arithmetic: 40.4% + 25.3% + 24% =89.7%

According to schooldigger's objective data, there are 58 African-American students at PS 220.