Objets Trouvés or I like Looking in New York

At least one crucified at every corner.
The eyes of a mystic, madman, murderer.
—Charles Simic, ‘The City’ 

A mystic lost his head on the Lower East Side. Then a madman, then a murderer.

An imploded television on Smith Street. In 1966 the Sony Trinitron was held to ‘wide acclaim for its bright images.’

If you see nothing say nothing, displayed at the window of Icy Images in Brooklyn.

Another version on the same theme on the Lower East Side.

I found some toys still wrapped in their original plastic with a factory tag on the ground on Jay Street.

Giving looks on Rivington Street.

The stencil gun seen in the last image was probably used to make this one.

Charles Simic at bookbook on Bleeker Street.

Charles Simic at McNally Jackson on Prince Street. (‘In no other century, in no other literature of the past has the image been this important. In the age of ideology and advertisement, the poet, too, trusts the eyes more than the ear.’ p. 57)

Allahu Akbar at Icy Signs.

Modernist bird feeder at the High Line.

The monochrome arrangement of these worn gloves reminded me of Mags Harries’ Glove Cycle bronze sculptures at Porter Station in Cambridge, MA.

An underground subway is tiled in gigantic fish faces.

A $2 painting I bought at Housing Works Thrift Shop.

Projection in Liberty Square as the clock struck 12:00 on 1 January 2012.