personal crusade against alzheimer’s

January 4, 2008 12:26am
my 2008/2009 new year’s evening was supposed to start in front of chiquita’s building on 22nd st at 10pm. steve picked me up around 945 but somehow he thought it was a good idea to change the plan and to pay a visit to mario in williamsburg first. 'just one hour. fuckin A sis.' so the new plan was to go there and 'socialize' then head back to manhattan, triumphant and loaded. mario was nice and told me 'darling your hair is sooooo determined' ten times, because mario is a hair stylist on ecstasy. we kissed goodbye at 1105 and were on metropolitan ave at 1110 already high on 2 keys waiting for the car. 1110 and no car. steve called every 5 mins. the car was on the way. took 50 mins to show up. now we were in the car and it was almost midnight. i asked steve to turn on his camera and slow the shutter speed to the max. i sticked the camera to the window and i asked steve to tell me when his iphone’s clock read 11:59:58, he said now, i pressed the button which opened the shutter +/- 2 secs before midnight and closed it +/- 2 seconds after midnight. i shot the transition from 2008 to 2009, nyc time:

yeah what happened after midnight? i never said 'fucking-A.'
The Decay of Lying, 2008-09

on december 31st, 1973, douglas huebler photographed a woman, an eight of a second before midnight. the exposure time was one fourth of a second, so the woman had half of her body in 1973 and the other half in 1974. in 2006, joão onofre similarly shot a woman within the transition between spring and summer (title: duration, variable and location piece). 
douglas huebler, duration piece #31, boston, 1974:

one silly concept (kill them all), roughly shooting time. although the huebler piece --and onofre's evenly-- doesn't immerse me into nostalgia, powerlessness,

is chance a condition of art? is concept sham chance? define chance.
whereas my photo does. i am certainly not saying that adding my own emotion to a concept is a sufficient motive to rip off art. i don't even know what an art discussion should be, apart from pontificating and using adjectives.

February 6, 2008 1:00pm

we ended up on lexington avenue bombed on c. we took a taxi home, the driver was horrible. we told him soho and he was like ‘hhhkkkkkkk’ like making a noise in the back of his throat. like he almost didn’t want to take us. well he did and in the end it was fine.