Primo Maggio

To go north in order to develop it.  Because those up there they needed our underdevelopment to do it.  Who made the development of the north all the development of Italy and of Europe?  We did it we the laborers of the south.  As if they were a different thing the workers of the north and the laborers of the south.  Something other than subproletariat.  Because we are what the workers of the north are.  What's Torino if not a southern city?  Who works there?  Like Salerno like Reggio like Battipaglia.  Where you finally understand Corso Traino like you understand Battipaglia when you recognize that people can't stand it anymore.  With all these stories of work up or down that is or is not and it is always a swindle.  So you start to understand that the only thing to do is burn everything.  Like at Battipaglia etc.  Like will happen everywhere soon when we're ready.  Then we'll finally change everything here.  We'll send them off to go fuck themselves in the ass all of them and their shitty work too.

(Nanni Balestrini, Vogliamo Tutto, my trans)