Pyttipanna (Links for the Week of December 1, 2019)

Pyttipanna: Swedish for "small pieces in a pan."

Image: Flickr

  • New book takes a deep dive into sundry culinary issues and the history that shaped them
  • And a new exhibition in London collects food-related works from renowned photographers
  • Chew-chew! Menus of the railroad dining cars of yore collected and celebrated
  • A crime no matter how you slice it: Texas man arrested for breaking into home and helping himself to occupants' Thanksgiving pie
  • Bio-Mass.: Bay State farmers now generate electricity from food waste
  • A rundown of the year's best cookbooks and food writing
  • Driven to extremes: Food-app delivery couriers in China suffer a gig economy on steroids
  • Crop-circled: Debt, Big Agra, and societal woes have pushed small farmers in the U.S. to the brink of extinction
  • Combatting the food-desertification of northern Arizona's Hopi lands
  • Higher-ed students join the ranks of the food-insecure

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