Pyttipanna (Links for the Week of February 23, 2020)

Pyttipanna: Swedish for "small pieces in a pan."

Image: National Archives at College Park

  • Slim Jim–style meat sticks made over into health food for fitbros
  • Obesity epidemic among squirrels in one UK park caused by handouts from passers-by
  • Hatred for chatty essayistic recipes from food bloggers flows ever on
  • On the Nevada Culinary Union's retreat into "fortress unionism"
  • New Jersey's much-beloved pork roll's centennial celebrated in verse
  • In pursuit of building a better sandwich, Japanese company brings to market mayonnaise slices (sold in packs of four)
  • Bugs are the animal protein of the future
  • McDonald's launches "contactless delivery" system in Singapore in response to Coronovirus scare
  • Archive of Mexican cookbooks from the past 230 years now on digital view
  • World's first urban "floating farm" has come on line in the Netherlands

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