Pyttipanna (Links for the Week of January 5, 2020)

Pyttipanna: Swedish for "small pieces in a pan."

Image: Flickr

  • Food-waste awareness on the rise in 2019, but there's still a ways to go
  • The localvore scene in Appalachian Ohio spreads to beans, grains, and other staples
  • It appears that the worst is over for a UK dog that underwent surgery to remove three feet of ingested tinsel
  • Compulsive exercisers and hard-drinking individuals add more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than do their more temperate fellows, new study finds
  • Just prawns in the game: Riverside, California man liberates 30 bags of shrimp from a local supermarket by stuffing them down his pants
  • A reflection on the contentious issue of "food authenticity"
  • Food manufacturers in Japan add theme parks to their plants to attract "experience tourists"
  • Why mulch your tree after Christmas when you can eat it?
  • It's all in the numbers: Proposed changes to food labeling could reduce obesity

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