Pyttipanna (Links for the Week of July 14)

Image from Geo H. Gennawey, Rocky Point, R.I., "Shore Dinner, Rocky Point, R.I." (1935). Rhode Island Postcards. 273.


Pyttipanna: Swedish for "small pieces in a pan."

  • Global temperatures are up, and global crop yields are down
  • Yet where the danger lies may lie also the means of our deliverance, or so advocates of "smart farming" believe
  • Here's the takeaway: dining out is growing ever pricier compared to eating in
  • Manufacturers of super-sweet foods are answering the demand of practically no one, it turns out
  • That store-bought curry or masala sauce may have been sampled by seagulls before it had gotten to you
  • All-beef burger but hold the cow? You got it, if you happen to live in Japan or otherwise have access to lab-grown "Shojinmeat"
  • Food pairings for crime novels
  • 10 ingredient knock-offs that an eatery has likely fobbed off on you, the unsuspecting diner
  • Against "dine-in" movie theaters
  • One Oz eatery cooks up invasive-species delicacies in a bid to get "pestatarianism" trending

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