Pyttipanna (Links for the Week of May 10, 2020)

Pyttipanna: Swedish for "small pieces in a pan."

Image: Library of Congress

  • Hunger and food insecurity in U.S. explodes during pandemic
  • Rhode Island's governor mulls al fresco dining provisions for state's eateries
  • Imagining trends in restaurant design post-Covid-19
  • Texas prison system: Our inmates' food couldn't possibly get any worse. Coronavirus: Hold my beer
  • Nixed festivals, higher food prices mean rough time for food truck proprietors this summer
  • Yet, strangely, world prices for food plunge to record low in a three-month span
  • If it's true that every billionaire is a policy failure, then a billion people facing starvation is one massive consequence of that failure
  • Artist recreates familiar artworks with common snack foods
  • CSAs having a moment in wake of pandemic-related disruption of food supply chains
  • Murder hornets — as delicious as they are invasive?

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