Pyttipanna (Links for the Week of September 16, 2019)

Pyttipanna: Swedish for "small pieces in a pan."

Image: Library of Congress

  • Certain kinds of edible fungi may decrease the risk of a common cancer among men, a Japanese study suggests
  • Members of San Francisco's disability community weigh in on the fraught issue of restaurant accessibility
  • A rundown of the Guardian's picks for the 10 best culinary memoirs
  • A common, scary-sounding food additive demystified
  • Test your knowledge of the social graces and deportment requisite for negotiating the intricate niceties of an Edwardian dinner party
  • 10 food hacks gone wrong .. way wrong
  • Columnist and chef draws inspiration from Emily Dickinson
  • The diseases and conditions caused by fast food affects crows, too, a study has shown
  • Food to avoid if you wish to beat stomach bloat
  • "'Grammin'" foodies have a new reason to rejoice

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