Re: Ordinance Prohibiting the Possession of the Tools of Violence And Vandalism During a Demonstration

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It is a question of choosing between the dictatorship from below and dictatorship from above. I choose the one from above because it comes from regions which are pure and more serene. In the last resort it is a question of choosing between the dictatorship of the dagger and that of the sabre: I choose that of the sabre because it is nobler.
 - Juan Donoso Cortés, the marqués de Valdegamas, descendent of Hernando Cortés, diplomat, author,  Ultramontist Catholic, and all-around dick


No person shall carry or possess a Club, fire accelerant, fireworks, Painting Device, Paint Projectile, Shield, sling shot, Hammer, Wrench, satchel of ball bearings, scythe, Tome, fixed but non-circulating capital, Teeth, a negative relation to capitalizing nouns in which what has not been defined by law is not capital, filth, fur, Stone, a well-nourished but obstinate bear cub, sai, grapplers,Throwing Stars, Stars, caltrops, bear clubs, leather clubs, mizugumo for walking unbesmirched across water or the loosed innards of local business, the loosed innards of local business, Leather Daddies, high keening sounds, Guillotines, Glass, sand as the atavism of glass, faithful reproductions of Nestor Makhno's tachanka, Horses unhooked from vehicles tachanka or otherwise, horses, nihilism, Aboriginal nulla nullas, voids, former WWF star and Lumbee tribe descedent Tatanka and his End of the Trail finishing move, petrol, petroleuses, petroleum jelly mixed with liquified poison oak to be tossed in water balloons like itchy napalm, napalm, poison oak smoke, good weed, indications, shit weed, Atavan, primmies dressed in Avatar cosplay, Quaaludes, quills, a sine qua non kind of insurgency, poppers, autonomous lungs, the moment in the film version of Mr. Popper's Penguins where the shadow of one projects on yuppie frosted glass like some nightmare reptilian past of flightless rage, birds, Birds, bird flu, the gull of Diogenes, its frottage, Plague Squirrels, sickles, cells of Santa Rita jail torn free from their host and thrown whole hog at pigs, wolves, nanowolves, polywolves, the irrepressible wolfishness of insurrectionary guts, bear traps, reverse bear traps, twink slips, the removed hearts of Oakland City Council members roasted on an arcane open grill and just kinda forgotten about, coal, an extremely loud recording of "Grillz" by Nelly ft. Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp, knife-shaped gripes, the ashes of that grill gathered and joined with the spit of wolfish folk to form an inky substance then used to write picket signs with pole diameters exceeding the allowed 1/4" in thickness, marbles, pogs, slammers, general strikes, milk forgotten as long or longer than those hearts cooked but abandoned, the spines of self-help books, counter-weaponized TED talks, cats, caulking, earth, pessimism, Cosmic Pessimism, Maalox, flaming piles of Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie loaded onto shopping carts and sent racing toward a line of police officers who seriously loved and were as moved by that book as they are moved now by a fast approaching chariot of fire, the currodrepanus clipeatus siege engine that can spur a riderless horse forward into the ranks of its enemies, a Toyota Prius modified with a currodrepanus clipeatus, Knives, an immeasurable quantity of cloacae, any quantity of cloacae, crows murdered and not, crowbars, silt carried all the way from Rome's ancient Cloaca Maxima sewer through airport customs to be dried and tossed into the air to stick to the teary eyes of cops who are now thinking about how Morrie so loved to quote W.H. Auden's words "we love each other or perish," pikes, petards, pickets, the hoisting of us high on the powderkeg of time, breaches, spinners, the fact that either Albom or Morrie or both didn't know their Auden for shit because the correct line is "We must love one another or die," sabots, Tourette's, shamanism, the fact that Auden changed the line for a 1955 anthology to read "We must love one another and die" because he was afraid we would take it to mean that death could be avoided by the act of love, Molotovs, Bodily Fluids, a good grasp on the relation between unwaged reproductive work and the circulation of capital, a good grasp on an axe handle, the fact that six lines before the one about death and love are four that read "And the lie of Authority / Whose buildings grope the sky: / There is no such thing as the State / And no one exists alone," a good left hook, a better kick to the stones, sticking and moving, glitter, the knight's move, dazzle painting, kindness, the fact that Auden was wrong because the final line is "show an affirming flame" yet he excluded the prospect of fire accelerant or fireworks or fire to the prisons, Dumpsters, Dump Trucks, Dump Trucks filled with nothing but camouflage, camouflage that makes all rioters look like local businesses, camouflage that creeps down the throats of riot police on little rat feet, the fact that Auden was wrong because the State does exist,  dogs, the fact that we know this, Foot Locker Shards, garottes, the fact that Auden somehow knew he was wrong because he called that poem "trash which he is ashamed to have written," trash, barricades, Trashicades, Thorns, ferrous architecture, scanners, Montezuma's Revenge, flagrantly burnt cages, dangerously aged meat, bolt cutters, streets, cunning, Kairos, shivs, the rain, the slain, the clamor, the mob, the yawp, the busted, the daughters, the wolves, the fact that we will wrong all who cross us.